Chandrachur Singh is a single father to his son.
Chandrachur Singh is a single father to his son.

Chandrachur Singh talks about being single father to son, calls parenting ‘one of the toughest jobs’

  • Chandrachur Singh, who is a single father to his son, said that he was ‘pretty hands-on’ as a parent and it took up most of his time.
PUBLISHED ON MAY 25, 2021 10:55 AM IST

Chandrachur Singh, who has appeared in just a handful of films in the last decade, said that he spent most of his time raising his son Shaarnjai. The actor is a single father.

In an interview with a leading daily, Chandrachur was asked what he was up to while he was missing from the Bollywood scene. “Actually, I am a single father so that took up most of my time. I am pretty hands-on; I needed to be. So I was occupied being a father for most of my time,” he said.

On being asked what kind of father he is, Chandrachur said that his son would be able to answer better, and called being a parent ‘one of the toughest jobs’. “I don’t know. I guess my son would be the best person to answer this question. I believe that I keep learning on the job. Parenting, I think, is one of the toughest jobs. You make mistakes, you have your good moments, you keep learning and try to become better,” he said.


Chandrachur made his acting debut with Tere Mere Sapne in 1996 and followed it up with the critically-acclaimed Maachis the same year. He has appeared in films such as Dil Kya Kare, Kya Kehna and Josh. His last Bollywood release was Aa Gaya Hero, starring Govinda in the lead role, in 2017.

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Last year, Chandrachur made his digital debut with the Disney+ Hotstar series Aarya, starring Sushmita Sen in the titular role. He played her husband on the show.

Recently, Chandrachur reflected on his career in Bollywood, while speaking to Hindustan Times, and admitted to making mistakes. “I always preferred taking work on merit. But then, I agree it might have led to me doing lesser work. Everyone makes mistakes. I don’t deny making a few. Par achhe kaam bhi to asaani se nahi milta (You don’t get good work easily). But now I know. This time around, I’m here to stay,” he said.

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