Rhea Chakraborty was dating Sushant Singh Rajput at the time of his death.
Rhea Chakraborty was dating Sushant Singh Rajput at the time of his death.

Chehre: Sushant Singh Rajput's fans call for 'boycott' despite Rhea Chakraborty's removal from poster

  • A faction of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput's fans called for a boycott of the film Chehre, said to feature his girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty. Rhea was removed from the promotional materials of the film.
PUBLISHED ON FEB 25, 2021 06:53 PM IST

Certain fans of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput are claiming victory on social media after discovering that Rhea Chakraborty's name was absent from the promotional material for the upcoming film Chehre. Rhea, who was dating Sushant at the time of his death, was nowhere to be seen on the poster of the film.

Chehre, which also stars Emraan Hashmi and Amitabh Bachchan, will be released on April 30 in theatres. "No comment," was the official response to Hindustan Times' queries to the film's publicity team about Rhea's absence.

"Rhea being deliberately omitted from the publicity is a desperate attempt to make the film run but audience knows exactly what Chehre is all about. Huge Mistake underestimating the audience at large," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Amitabh Bachchan posts on Twitter to promote Chehre. He mentions everyone in the film except Rhea Chakraborty. No mention at all. She is not seen in the promotional photo either. Is this the result of fan pressure?" another person commented.

Here are some more reactions:

Others threatened to 'boycott' the movie because of Rhea's involvement, in a manner similar to what happened with Alia Bhatt-starrer Sadak 2. That film, which released mere weeks after Sushant's death, was a victim of a massive review-bombing campaign, because a certain section of the fans believed Sushant was ostracised by powerful film families in Bollywood.

Rhea has been accused by Sushant's family of abetting his suicide. She has denied the accusations, and after spending nearly a month in jail on drugs-related charges, was released on bail.

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Her Chehre director Rumi Jaffery said in an interview to SpotboyE last year that she has become 'withdrawn' after the public backlash. “She was withdrawn and quiet. Didn’t speak much. Can’t blame her after what she has gone through. Let the heat and dust settle down. I’m sure Rhea will have a lot to say," he said.


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