Actor Divya Dutta has multiple projects set to release and be shot in the year 2021.
Actor Divya Dutta has multiple projects set to release and be shot in the year 2021.

Divya Dutta: I was jumping like a kid after coming back on set after so many months

Actor Divya Dutta considers it a ‘blessing’ to be able to work again after the ‘crazy circumstances’ which took place in the Covid pandemic.
By Rishabh Suri
PUBLISHED ON MAR 07, 2021 11:22 PM IST

Dhaakad, a web show, a Punjabi film, and more- 2021 seems to be a busy one for Divya Dutta, and she is only too happy for it. “That’s how I would like it. It’s nice when you are working with such directors. I think one truly counts their blessings when they are back on set,” she says, referring to how the entire world had to sit at home when the Covid 19 pandemic took over in 2020.

Recalling her experience of getting back to shoot again, the 43-year-old says, “As an actor, we can’t have our masks on, everyone else has to make sure they are masked up. You are in a bio bubble, which is a new term I have realised, you feel a tinge of normalcy in the limited area you are in. The hustle bustle of the set is so cherished, I can’t tell you. To go back on set after so many months and absorb that normalcy is amazing.”

Her reaction when facing the camera again was like that of a child, as she describes it. “I was jumping, I totally loved it. After such abnormal circumstances, to go back to a little bit of normalcy was wow. I realised how much we take for granted. Abhi aisa lagta hai not just me, everyone around me is cherishing it a lot more, there is a lot more bonding,” exclaims Dutta.

A lot of her projects had got stuck midway when the lockdown had started. Initially, she didn’t have any inkling about what will happen to them. The actor says, “When a big change happens, no one can ever foresee it. We thought it was a matter of few days. You go into denial first and can’t accept it. Then you kind of get into those things. No one ever thought that we will get to see a pandemic in our living times. We have gone through some crazy circumstances. Uske abad mein, coming back to this, I consider it only a blessing and nothing else.”

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