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Can you spell out the rules and regulations for a blog: Big B

Amitabh Bachchan speaks to Diganta Guha on his upcoming film Sarkar Raj, blog brouhaha and the challenges ahead.
Hindustan Times | By Diganta Guha, Kolkata
UPDATED ON JUN 06, 2008 06:09 PM IST

He was traveling and as usual keeping a very hectic schedule. Despite that, Amitabh Bachchan took some time off to chat with HT City. Here we go…

Sarkar Raj sees you more mellowed down yet aggressive. Your take…
Since I believe you have not seen the film yet it would be wrong to make any assessment of the film or the characters. And getting me to say something about it would be unethical.

But, Sarkar ended with the feel that the son was now in a position to manage the affairs of the family. In that respect Sarkar Raj begins with that impression and rightly so; of the patriarch taking a somewhat mellowed stance. Whether he will maintain that or circumstances will allow him to do that is to be seen when the film opens for audiences.

Where does the film take off from?
From another day in the life of the Nagre family. It is not a sequel in the real sense of the word, but yes the family is the same, the past is the same and unchanged. Now another day with fresh issues begins and how the family deals with it.

Your fans say you will prove it once again in Sarkar Raj...
I do not know what the fans are wanting me to prove. I can only say that I work with sincerity in all my films and I hope that that is what will be noticed.

Working with Ash and Abhishek together must have been a revelation...
Working with them has been a great joy. That they are competent artistes is my pride.

I always felt Amitabh Bachchan still has a lot more to give...your take...
I hope so. It would be the end of creativity for any artiste to be complacent and satisfied. I hope there are people who will continue to challenge me and provoke me into digging out more from me if at all I possess any.

Critics say and I don't know why, the Bachchan family is isolated from the industry. Please shed some light.
Isolated from what? This is false and untrue. Our Industry is a very homogeneous and integrated family, with great respect and regard for each other. Critics and media will continue to say this for the benefit of better copy. They would wish that there be animosity and ugliness because that would sell more copies if reported than two stars hugging in friendship.

Abhishek works with Karan Johar and Priyanka and John, with Rakeysh Mehra and Delhi 6, with Rohan Sippy, with Mani Ratnam, with Ram Gopal Varma and a host of other stars and directors.

Aishwarya works with Ashutosh and Hrithik, she works with Rajnikanth, with John and several others on the anvil. I worked just now with Shah Rukh and a kid, with RGV, with BR films and perhaps Shahid, with Sarika, with Sanjay Dutt and Ritesh and many other projects.

We go on our concert tour with Akshay and Shahid and Madhuri and Preity. If you are seeing isolation in this you need to get your eyes checked!

Some say that Big B is misusing his blog...your take...
For me to misuse something I must be told what I can use! Do you or anyone have any indication of that? Can you spell out the rules and regulations for a blog? By the same argument I can also say that you misuse your position as a journalist. Your take on that...

After having achieved almost everything as an icon, what next for Big B?
I am not an icon and have not achieved anything. Next is Sarkar Raj.

On a different note...Bhootnath didn't get its due, what do you have to say on this?
What you are trying to say is that it did not get its due. Maybe. I am happy that you at least accept that fact. There are many like you that feel the same, because they all liked the film and enjoyed it. The Producers are happy. There has been great appreciation of the film and it has made money for them.

At this age does Amitabh Bachachan have any dream role?
I may not be able to spell it, but I hope that there are some people there who are able to and shall offer it to me. I would love to accept fresh challenges.

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