Change the equations of life

Actress Dimple Kapadia replies to readers’ queries today.

entertainment Updated: Mar 27, 2010 00:36 IST
Hindustan Times

It’s a sprightly morning specially, when you know the weekend is around the corner. I too look forward to weekends, and this one will be even more special as I will sit back knowing that you would make good, the time you have to reconnect with that someone special. Call your parents or a friend or an ex... and say life is beautiful. Friends and family are special let them know that.

Here is wishing all my Parsi friends a happy New Year. I get nostalgic when I think of my days at the Irani cafés. We connected those days over keema pav, bun maska and a cuppa. I am sure you all must also have that special place where you meet and share smiles, moments and laughs. Write and tell us what those special places meant to you. Now to respond to letters and my new friends, I must add that I am quite enjoying this experience.

Hi, I’m Lalit Mahajan from New Delhi. I find your colums quite absorbing and want to use it as a platform to reconnect with my two friends with whom I lost touch with in the early 70s. My friends are: Rita Wadhawan of IIP Colony, Dehradun and Naveen Mahajan of Dharamsala, H.P.

Hi Lalit, thanks for the compliments for the column. I am beginning to believe I have an alternate career option as a writer. To reconnect with your friends, you should try a search engine on a social site, you would be surprised with the results. As for Rita and Naveen hope you’re reading this column, maybe you should write back.

Dear Dimpleji, I’m Wg Cdr Y.R. Sharma (retd.). I was delighted to read my letter in your column, and my sincere thanks to you for helping me find my friends.

Hello Dimpleji! I’m Kashmiri Lal Gugnani. I was in the Electrical Engg. batch of 1963-68 at Birla Institute of Technology Mesra (Ranchi). I read my name in your column dated March 20. My friend Mr Yograj can contact me on mobile no. 9810454404 or write to me at

We have a connect moment here…a reason why we decided to start this column and it gives us goose bumps…1968 to 2010! That’s a long time to reconnect after. Kashmiri Lal, Yograj thanks for writing in, just a correction. Yograj is now a Wg Cdr, so it’s no more Mr but Wg Cdr Yograj. I am sure you both would meet up where you left off, that’s what makes friendships special.

Hi! I’m Malli Rox. I want to give my girlfriend a surprise that would sweep her off her feet. A surprise dat would make her really happy. Please advise what should I give her.

Hi Malli Rox! Your girl should feel she is truly special. You’re writing in itself is an effort which should be applauded. If she is not already off her feet, I would suggest you be yourself and express what you want to say, not saying things because they have to be said. When you let her know how true and deep your affection is and not how it’s mentioned in books or movies, it becomes unique.

As I sign of for this weekend I read an interesting quote and I must share it with “the weakest part of a relation comes when one of us has to give an explanation to prove our trust.” I truly believe any relationship is built on trust, and we must give ourselves the space to trust and not betray. We must learn to love more and expect less, speak less and hear more, trust more and expect less. Try this and the equations in life would change forever and for the better. Step out and make that effort with that someone special, and do it for yourself.

Send your real life stories to or and Dimple Kapadia may help you reunite with your loved ones. Her film Tum Milo Toh Sahi releases on April 2.

First Published: Mar 26, 2010 18:40 IST