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CRY launches Ek din aayega, aayega zaroor

CRY has released a series of advertising messages, each of which conveys a goal and with an affirmation of what will be tomorrow - Ek din aayega, aayega zaroor.

entertainment Updated: Mar 31, 2009 19:58 IST

CRY — Child Rights and You, India’s leading child rights organisation believes that every child is entitled to live, learn, play and develop their full potential. Though the Indian Constitution spells this out clearly, this is denied to an absurdly vast number of children.

In a climate where problems are immense and solutions few, where cynicism is all pervasive and individuals feel ineffective, CRY launches a campaign ‘Ek din aayega, aayega zaroor’, that spells hope, optimism and promise – a promise that the colours of this world will change: Children will not have to go to sleep hungry, work for a living or feel afraid and vulnerable. With ‘YOU’ as a catalyst of change, CRY is confident that such a day will come.

CRY’s campaign on child rights is real, truthful, human, simple and most critically, Indian. The promise it speaks of is a time when every Indian child irrespective of gender, class, caste and creed will experience childhood, as it is meant to be. To convey their message of hope, CRY has released a series of advertising messages, each of which conveys a goal and with an affirmation of what will be tomorrow -- Ek din aayega, aayega zaroor.

All these messages have been conveyed through visuals interwoven with words that pass on a simple compelling message that drives deep and touches a chord that transcends sympathy, produces outrage and motivates a response.

CRY wants us, the people, to see and recognize that a large majority of Indian children are unjustly treated and deprived of their rights. Central to the campaign this truth is not easy to acknowledge or accept because doing so will mean that we, as a people, prefer to turn a blind eye to injustice.

Says Ila D Hukku, Director, Resource Mobilisation, CRY, “At CRY, seeing the power of ordinary people coming together has always filled us with optimism. This has renewed our belief in the possibility of change. It is this feeling of hope which is at the core of CRY’s new campaign - Ek din aayega ….. It embodies our belief that a day will come when all India’s children will enjoy the childhood they deserve, when they can go to bed neither hungry nor afraid, when they can attain what is rightfully theirs".

CRY’s approach is to ensure that action is driven by the community and that CRY is merely a catalyst. This process is made possible by thousands of individuals who contribute resources of time, skill and money to CRY. A process that can be carried forward if each individual continues to act as a catalyst as well.

For over 30 years, CRY – Child Rights and You has worked with grassroots NGOs and communities to ensure permanent change in children’s lives. By creating awareness about their rights, and uniting them to hold local authorities responsible, CRY has transformed over two million lives.