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'Even marriage cannot guarantee that a relationship is for keeps'

Randeep Hooda is ready to go steady again three years after his break-up with Sushmita Sen. So here’s Hooda ‘live’ at his Versova bachelor pad. Vajir Singh interviews the actor.

entertainment Updated: Jan 31, 2009 19:42 IST
Vajir Singh
Vajir Singh
Hindustan Times

Randeep Hooda is ready to go steady again three years after his break-up with Sushmita Sen.. His movie is up for release next week. The actor offers his takes on life and love.

So here’s Hooda ‘live’ at his Versova bachelor pad..

So you’re a dream lover now?
(Smiles) Well yes, I am every woman’s fantasy in Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye. And it’s a dream role for every man. But hey, playing a Casanova doesn’t make me a Casanova. In fact, after playing one I’ve mellowed down considerably.

You’re playing a Casanova in almost all your next films?
It wasn’t intentional. I’d had enough of guns. When you play a character on the maar dhaad track, your personality changes. I had to smell the roses again. <b1>

Buzz is that you’re dating the director, Madhureeta Anand.. that you had brought her down from Delhi and even arranged for finance for her film.
Are you crazy? She’s an accomplished documentary filmmaker who has won several awards.

She’s a beautiful woman and anyone would want to date her. But we’re just friends. I’ve been friendly with all my directors. No one has speculated on my relationship with them. I guess it’s different with Madhureeta because she’s a beautiful woman.

You’ve been single for a long time?
Yeah, I don’t know why. I got into a relationship when I was 16. Since then there have been many women.

When you were 16?
(Laughs) That’s right and every relationship has taught me something. I enjoy being in love but right now I’m happy being single.

What’s the key word that works in any relationship?
OKAY. Agree to everything she says.. then do what you want.

Is that where you went wrong with Sushmita Sen.. you said okay to everything, then did your own thing?
A lot of things went wrong. Sometimes you just outgrow the relationship and then, unless you are married or seriously committed, it’s best to go your separate ways. It’s been three years. I’ve never spoken about Sushmita but you guys don’t stop probing. May be I should get myself another girl. <b2>

Apparently, commitment was the issue..
Even marriage cannot guarantee that a relationship is for keeps. Things can go wrong any time. You should cherish moments, respect what you had together and move on. And I’m not just talking about a woman. The same thing could
happen with parents, friends, teachers, co-stars, everyone. To make a commitment there should be this need to build a home and settle down.

You had moved in with Sushmita. Her apartment was lined with huge photographs of you which were removed only a year ago.
I never lived with her. I had my own place in Versova. She would drop by sometimes, I would visit her at other times. As for the photographs, I wouldn’t know.

Apparently, you’re teaching her horse riding for her home production, Jhansi Ki Rani?
Rubbish, we’re not in touch.

No chance of a reconciliation?
No, we’ve both moved on, beautifully. Why would we want to go back?

You were very close to Sushmita’s daugher Rene. Never feel like talking to her?
I’m still very fond of Rene.. we were in touch for a while. But when two people drift apart, when they are not even on talking terms, it becomes difficult. (Sighs) Rene is her child and I was her friend. She’s still Sushmita’s child but I’m no longer her friend.

You have an intimate scene with Sushmita Sen in Karma Confessions And Holi. How was it kissing someone you had just broke off with?
At that time we were still seeing each other. But we would have kissed irrespective of our personal equation. I’ve kissed other girls in other movies.. and I wasn’t going around with them. Kissing is a part of our job as an actor. And let me tell you it’s tough getting intimate with people all around you.

Once you had said that you will never have a problem being called Naseeruddin Shah’s protégé, a Ram Gopal Varma product or Sushmita Sen’s friend.
Why should I mind? All of them have been achievers and I’m not insecure. Naseer is a dear friend.. an inspiration. I’m dying to go back and work under him, may be do theatre.

And Sushmita Sen?
I’m no longer in a relationship with her. But I have no problems being called her friend. At the end of the day I know I’m Randeep Hooda.

Something just struck me.. all your actresses so far have been Bengali?
(Laughs) Yeah, isn’t that a strange? I can speak Bengali fluently. And I’ve kissed most of my heroines except Raima Sen in Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye.

So now you’re a threat to Emraan Hashmi?
(Laughs) No, he kisses differently. I’m not known for my kisses. But Emraan’s got the tag every man dreams of.. serial kisser.

You’re known to be arrogant..
(Cuts in) I may have been tactless but I was never rude or arrogant. I’ve been honest and people have blown that out of proportion.
Initially, I didn’t interact much with the media.. didn’t attend film parties. (Smiles)At the end of the day, I’m a Haryanvi Jat.. a brat!.

You haven’t been hanging out with Ram Gopal Varma, of late?
We’re friends. We have a drinking session, every now and then.

And Mira Nair?
I did make my debut in Mira’s Monsoon Wedding. After that she approached me for a short film on AIDS. I was keen on the other role but she had already lined up another actor for it. She’ll come back when she has something nice to offer. Till then, I’ll smell the roses and keep the girls happy.. in reel life.

First Published: Jan 31, 2009 15:55 IST