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Gossip Corner:Hum, tum aur Cochin

Dino Morea went off to Cochin to attend the Ocean Volvo race over the weekend and ladylove Lara Dutta joined him on flight.

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Room with a preview

Hi my luscious lozenges, how goes it today? Sunday’s fun day, they tell me, but for me there’s just no day off. Can’t stop the chitter chatter, like A R Rahman and Preetam types can’t stop the music.

Actually, if you ask me, I got the funkiest fright of my life last evening. My sahelis had insisted that I accompany them to Inox for some movie watching. After consulting my pundits, I agreed. They told me I’d be there for exactly two minutes.
And that turned out to be so, so accurate. I saw this Madame Tussauds-style statue of Aamir Khan at the auditorium gate with graffiti all over it. Help! It scared me silly billy. Sahelis or no sahelis, I was out of the Inox faster than the Chief Minister after the Ram Gopal Varma tour.

Anyway, my sahelis filled me in later that I shouldn’t have been that scared. According to them, Aamir Khan (the real one, not the statue) organised a preview of Ghajini (not related to M F Husain saab’s Gaj Gamini) at the actor’s Bandra office for Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar.

The Tendulkars said that they liked the movie (everyone does at previews, don’t they?) but they felt that the violence was a bit too much.. certainly not meant for the bacha log.

Hmmm, it’s got an UA certificate anyway. Big movies, after all, can get away..with murder.. but the smallies can’t. Oh well, so who said that life is fair?

Hum, tum aur Cochin
Hey, Dino Morea actually gets invited to events and is even given bhaav shaav. At least, someone thinks he’s cool. By the way, Nari Hira, producer of one of his movies, shudders at the very mention of his name.. but that’s another story.. tsk.

Okay, so our Dino went off to Cochin to attend the Ocean Volvo race over the weekend, courtesy Puma. He went by the evening flight.. and helloooo, Lara Dutta joined him on flight.. and they’re still “just friends”. Ha ha ho ho, go tell it to the Marines.

Before leaving, Ms Dutta was even seen shopping away furiously in Khar. Aah, she must be buying hats and parasols.. so they don’t get sun-burnt in Cochin. No?

Ae maa teri soorat
You know something? Madhu my Mottu Maid, Vaziran bua (in her new Socky R sharara), my research assistant Dimwit Mirza and cat Laraboo are all agog about Harman Baweja. They want me to cultivate him.

And they also want me to give him a list of all our birthdays, so he can give us the full-on treatment. Like he gave a forest of orchids to Priyanka Chopra (Mottu’s piping in to say that she prefers books to flowers). And on his mum’s birthday on Friday, he was held up at a Karjat studio. Karjat my dahlings is miles and miles away, for those who drove in late.

So, Harman had this skyscraper-tall chocolate cake and baskets and baskets of orchids delivered to mum.. before he reached home.. which he did a little before midnight, and exclaimed, “Dekho maaaaaaa, main aa gaya.” Heavens, he’s quite a hero type isn’t he? Never mind that 2050, 5020, 0025 or whatever.

What’s in a name?
Vaziran’s items on Divya Dutta I’ve been killing with the pointiest daggers in the world. I mean bua tells me that Divya Dutta went out for a stroll to Juhu beach, Divya Dutta had chicken tikkas for dinner.. and Divya Dutta broke up with her steady boyfriend.. I mean let DD be, I would tell Vaz.

Okay but now bua, with fat tears in her eyes, is imploring me to write that Divya Dutta showed up at the Fame multiplex with a guy in tow. And when someone asked her who he is, she giggled, “He’s Aamir.”

I hope she didn’t mean the wax statue at the Fame auditorium gate. See, that’s why I wish Vaziran bua would not be so chicken tikkaish about Divya Dutta. Eeeeeesh.

Cane and able?
Oi. This must be a brand-new affliction (or is he trying to be a cute school headmaster?).

Talk is that, like Bunty Walia, Mani Ratnam sir has started carrying a caning stick. Abhishek Bachchan and Tejaswani Kolhapure have got the Ratnam thwack, goes the tattle.

Only Aishawarya Rai and Govinda have been spared, so far. Sure, it’s tough to direct actors today. This one takes the cakes, croissants and bakery though. But then, such is life dearies.