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Gossip corner: Moon Moon Sen gets cosy with hubby

The actress and her hubby sauntered in haathmein-haath for a dekko of Two Days in Paris. But more than the movie, they were so engrossed, looking into each other’s eyes.

entertainment Updated: Nov 17, 2008 13:34 IST
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Behna, maan le mera kehna

Morning morning, my loverlies. So, you know what? I’ve quickly gathered Vaziran bua (yikes, she’s insisting on topKatrina billing), Madhu my Mottu Maid (she’s been relegated to a sidey role, I’m afraid, just like Konko Sen Sharma is nowadays), Laraboo my silly billi (the darling) and last but not the least, my adorable research assistant Dimwit Mirza (she’s learning to play Scrabble now even though her angrezi is soooo suspect).

Anyway, the first item of the day has been served to me by Vaziran. Nosh farmaiye and all that. Bua says that Katrina Kaif has been secretly guiding sister Isabel (five more sisters there, it seems) to make a BIG break in Bollywood. This is in absolute contrast to the talk that Kaifu wants Isabel to hang around in England for the rest of her life, locked up in a dungeon.

For starters, Kaifu has enrolled Isabel at an institute in New York, not for brain care sillies, but for a year-long course in acting. This development happened while apni Kaifu was shooting for Kabir Khan’s movie in the Big Apple. Munchy.

A model didi, Kaifu doesn’t want Isabel to venture into the movies, unprepared like she did with Boom Doom Gloom. Isabel will also take serious Hindi-speaking lessons.

Er, but doesn’t Kaifu also need to do that urgently? Matlab ki “Yacht aa rahi hai,” she says, no?

Zara Hyatt ke

Eeww. Salman Khan is in Dubai and is always sparking off tension. Vaziran who’s becoming quite an item number Salmanreveals that all the actors of whatever film he was shooting for were at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Quite naturally, Sallu insisted on the best suite there and after much hooh and aaah, was allocated the Prince suite.. even if he hardly spent any time in the suite which could feed a thousand impoverished souls.

Bua says that Sallu has been calling up film producers to donate their bags and trunks of movie costumes for worthy causes. And then, he goes and does this! He’s not even shooting all day either.. he’s actually sight-seeing around the city.. just like he did in Australia a couple of months ago. Is he taking to landscape painting next? Oink.

Chopra boom

Naturally, with a reversal in her box-office fortunes with Fashion, Priyanka Chopra’s purring pretty and doesn’t want to Priyankatake up any ulta pulta project under "emotional duress." Meaning, apni P C nixed a movie titled Kohinoor being made by Ravi Chopra (the Baghbaan maali). This Mr Chopra is a close buddy of PC’s dad Ashok Chopra. And the project is meant to mark the debut of Abhay Chopra as director and brother Kapil as actor.

Still, meri PC remained unimpressed. So would I actually. With so many Chopras on the set, I wouldn’t know who’s the director, who’s the friend, who’s the hero…oof, my head is spinning already.

Oh so moonstruck

Mottu has a Kohinoor of her own about Moon Moon Sen. Mots says she spotted Aunty Moon with Uncle Bharat Dev Moon Moon SenVarma (that’s her husband) at PVR in Juhu on Monday night.

According to Mots, Aunty and Uncle sauntered in haathmein-haath for a dekko of Two Days in Paris. But more than the movie, they were so engrossed, looking into each other’s eyes that Uncle didn’t even go out for some snacks and cola. Aiya, the way they were coochie-cooing, they probably thought they were in Paris. Ooooh la la.

Owe owe, what’s happening?
Imagine Mottu is actually sympathising with Subhash Ghai, one of my favourite uncles. Seems my Subhashji is feeling let down by the Lullas of Eros Entertainment.. every trade contact of mine alleges that that they have not given the Rs 33 crore owed to him.

Seems after acquiring the rights of Yuvvraaj, Eros entered into another deal with Shree Ashtavinayak and made a neat profit. Now, I do hope Subhashji gets his rightful share.. because after all, I love the cuisine — especially the kabab-e-lazzatdaar at his home. The kitchen fires must keep burning. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Nov 12, 2008 12:37 IST