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Gossip corner: When SRK, Sallu came face-to-face

At the reception of Milind Deora-Pooja Shetty, SRK and Sallu did not speak to each other for a split-second.

entertainment Updated: Dec 19, 2008 19:03 IST
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Prithvi festival ka Mogambo

Aah Sunday and all that, but my dearest ducklings, a zillionairess like moi still has to work for a living. I don’t mind one teeny weeny bit actually. Because that so excites my retinue of Vaziran bua, Madhu my Mottu Maid, cat Laraboo and alas, also my research assistant Dimwit Mirza whom I’m sending right back to Yellow Feather Films from where she has emerged. Yikes.

And let me tell you that the usually courteous and impeccably behaved Akshay Kumar just lost himself a strong constituency.. not that they see his kind of movies but they don’t switch off the TV sets either when they see a tukda of his mukhda.

Okay, so the Prithvi Theatre Festivalwalas were at the receiving end of Mr Rs 73-crore’s starry attitude. On Thursday the actor (debatable) was shooting near Horniman Circle, and the shoot set off a terrible disturbance to the drama festival being held in the closeby garden.

So the fest organisers went over to the shooting crew to explain their predicament and requested them to defer the filming by an hour. That would allow them to wrap up the festival event. How polite is that! Still the unit guys refused and the theatre emissaries went over to reason with the actor (debatable debatable).

Then what! Mr Kumar answered the pleas with a-not-at-all-possible. Next: Theatrewallas were heard calling him a villain of the evening for which they had worked an entire year. Never mind. The festival show went on despite the disturbance.

And many of stage veteran Satyadev Dubey’s admirers like Reema Phadnis and Joseph Caesario have said they will never see any Akshay Kumar movie in their lives. I do hope Vipul Shah is listening.. and doles out some gambhir advice to his hero.. before it’s too late. No?

Feather of the bride?
Oi, her name may well be the most well-kept secret of Bombay moviedom. Yet Madhu my Mottu Maid states that one Neha Oberoi (of Green Feather fame) will be engaged to be married this New Year’s eve.

Mots can’t go because she’s already got the front row seats for Bipasha Basu’s performance.. still she insists on completing her Neha story.

The gal’s suitor happens to be a south Bombay townie and is a Richie Rich businessman who goes by the name of Vicky. The two have been going steady for a while now and are gym pals.

I’ve despatched Mottu to sit in a corner immediately. She’s ruining my Sunday by telling me such stories, I tell you. Eeeeee.

Tea hee hee
Oiks, is she turning over new tea leaves or what? For once I was pleasantly surprised on getting a new morsel about Riya Sen. . which is all sweet as sugar and soooo clean-cut. I hear she’s taking cooking lessons from the excellent Lady Chef in her house and can even bake cakes, boil lopchu tea, serve a sushi dinner and gulab jamuns (not tinned) for lunch-dinner.

I suspect that Riya’s getting domesticated because she’s serious about some guy.. and knows that the way to his heart is through his tum tum.

Her buddies, however, say that she was in the cook mood all because of her dad Bharat Dev Varma who had come over from Kolkata recently. And she wanted to assert that she can be as rosogolla-sweet as sister Raima Sen. Sibling rivalry or what?

Boss karo!
Now, I’ve heard everything. Sambhavna Seth, the evictee of Bigg Boss Season 2, was at a Chembur school recently, giving a lecture to the kiddos about the many roles she has done and how the art of acting is so strenuous and demands a lot of dedication. Ityadi ityadi.

Oh oh, it seems that the kids listened to her very attentively.. but the moment she left, they cackled with laughter and asked their teacher, “But miss, which film did that lady act in?” Touché.

Silence zone
Listen guys, I have to hand it to Shah Rukh Khan.. he keeps his cool entirely and not a flicker of expression alters when Salman Khan walks into the same environs where he is.

This happened at the wedding reception of Milind Deora-Pooja Shetty. SRK and Sallu did not speak to each other for
a split-second. I hope that Sallu did speak to the newly-weds though. But then, such is life dearies.

First Published: Nov 15, 2008 19:02 IST