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Gossip:Imran-Avantika fear getting kidnapped?

They sauntered into the premiere of Quantum of Solace, hand-in-hand but in the company of hald-a-sozen security people.

entertainment Updated: Nov 08, 2008 12:41 IST
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Don’t let him be misunderstood

Hi my peaches, I was just jolted out of this sweetest dream I was luxuriating in, my eyes wide shut, my satin sheets all Akshay Kumarenwrapped around me, and all the perfumes of Arabia tingling my nostrils. I was feeling in seventh heaven with no one but my goblet of wine, and Omar Khayyam beside me. Oh well, I was brought back rudely to earth by a phone call from my long and distant past. It was Vipul Shah who used to bring me chocolates and colour pencils when I was a wee wee baby. I’d look back at his kind eyes and gurgle my gratitude to him in my baby lingo.

Point is when Vipuji calls, I can’t ignore. And he had called to say that Vaziran bua and Mottu the Maid had been unfair to him. Boney Kapoor had certainly not asked Vipuji to help in the sale of one of his films to the distributors etc etc. Vipuji asserted that he hadn’t even met Boney for the last four months, so how could there be any question of him helping out a much more senior film producer? Quite quite.

I jotted down the notes on my pan with my diamond-crusted Mont Blanc and told him that I’d convey this to Vaz, Mots, my cat Laraboo, my research assistant Dimwit Mirza and therefore to the world at large.

Hey, but I had a question to ask. So why did Vipuji go and huff-huff to other papers when I’d reported that there had been some financial tension between Akshay Kumar and him? To that Vipuji said, "Baby, nothing like that. I’ve known you since you were a tiny cute l’il angel."

I purred happily and demanded an answer which was, "You know how the industry is." I don’t, but please proceed. He did, saying, "All sorts of rumours are spread by vested interests. These are not to be believed. Akshay and I will announce a film together very soon. The script is being worked on right now."

Lovely. Vaz, Mots, Laraboo, Dims and I will wait with bated breath for this announcement. I do hope it’s a musical called Song is Dinng Donng.Changing places

Achha listen.. a jasoos from Juhu has dropped by to enlighten me on the whereabouts of Hrithik Roshan and parivaar. Hrithik Roshan

Dugu boy and the lights of his life will change their address in the coming days.. but worry not, it’s only temporary.

Their three-storey apartment will undergo extensive renovation.. and till it’s ready, the Roshans will move into plush suites at the JW Marriott hotel.

Of course, Suzanne, who called the shots when their home was being done up the last time, will call the shots this time too. I can’t wait to see the triplex. May be then I’ll also go in for my own Operation Renovation.Strong and secure

By the way, jasoos also wants to give his two bit on Imran Khan. Seems his lunch date with Kidnap co-star Minissha Imran Khan and AvantikaLamba was just a ‘friendly’ lunch.

Imran’s still fida over Avantika Malik and the winsome twosome are going strong and steady. Ooh, I soooo looove these prem deewanes!

They sauntered into the premiere of Quantum of Solace, hand-in-hand. And sealed the lips of all those meanie gossips. But it was surprising to see the couple in the company of half-a-dozen security hurly burlies.

I do know that this suraksha kavach has been provided for by mamu Aamir Khan, but the thought of so many kabab mein haddis when you’re out on a date, that too with Bond, does make me wonder. Sure he’s a rising star and all that, but still.. who would want to kidnap him anyway?Another good friend

Oi oi, here comes Madhu my Mottu Maid. And she’s feeling maha sorry for Mithun Purandare. Now who’s this new Mithun?Mugdha Godse

I’m told he’s a model and Mugdha Godse’s boyfriend for as long as she.. Mottu, not Mugdha sillies.. can remember.

But now it seems, the praise for her Fashion performance has gone to Mugha’s head. Why else would she be telling everyone that Mithun was just a good friend, says Mots.

And this when the dutiful deewana followed her to every event in town and away. I’ve told Mottu to shut up. Such arm baatein are aam baat in dress circles. But what would Mots know?Who’s that girl?

Trust Mottu to end my day on a sour note. Now she’s wants to tell me about Bobby Bedi. I actually smiled because I thought she meant Bobby Deol, my lil’ darling, till she told me this Bobby was some producer type who had made movies like Maqbool and Mangal Pandey. Oof!Konkona Sen Sharma

Seems while discussing the cast of a project with director Manish Gupta, this Bobby completely vetoed the idea of Konkona Sen as the nayikaa. Gupta’s jaw hit the floor, hard, when he was apparently asked, "Who’s this Konkona Sen?"

Gupta tried.. with references to National Award winning films like Mr and Mrs Iyer, 15 Park Avenue, Omkara etc etc. But Bobby’s memory couldn’t be jogged.

The last straw was that he was mistaking her for Nandana Sen. Bobby sighed and said, "Okay, let’s talk to this Nandana if you insist." The poor nirdeshak just stopped short of tearing his hair. By the way, yeh Nandana kaun hai? Mots is so full of these chhotu mottus that it’s hard to keep track. But then, such is life dearies.