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entertainment Updated: Jul 17, 2011 14:49 IST

Read: Jvalant Nalin Sampat, Author, The Tenth Unknown

The Vanished Man
Jeffrey Deaver

Set against the backdrop of the magic and illusion industry, this fast-paced book’s inimitable hero uses brains to overpower his equally adept opponent – the villain of the piece who is a master illusionist.

Michael Crichton

While requiring you to suspend your belief; Crichton weaves a complex yarn, which includes the cutting edge of nano technology and molecular science and marries it to age-old human traits of greed and ambition.

A Time to Kill
John Grisham

Set in Mississippi, the book has all the elements of a potboiler — a black Vietnam War veteran kills the white rapist of his 10-year-old daughter.

A Matter of Honour
Jeffrey Archer

A Soviet spy and an ex-British officer play a cat and mouse game across Europe as they try to acquire a document, which could alter the world map forever. A complete page-turner.

Eye of the Needle
Ken Follett

This espionage novel is set during the end of World War 2 in the British Isles. It’s meticulously researched and has strong central characters.

Listen: Raffael Kably, Composer, Bay Beat Collective, Mode7

Bloodflow Baths

I've been listening to this song everyday. This young producer has a very new age style. The grooves and layers in his music appeal to me the most. The falsetto vocals give it a completely new dimension. His live performances too are very interesting.

Back to Chill
Goth Trad

His music sounds like an old school throwback to classic dubstep tunes, which were dark and deep, as opposed to new age dubstep that I feel, is starting to get monotonous and repetitive. Everything you do is a Balloon Boards of Canada

My favourite track from probably my favorite artistes. It has a beautiful, almost marching groove combined with long haunting and lingering notes, giving it a very cinematic feel.

Don’t Take Me For Granted
Social Distortion

One of my favourite since I was in school. I grew up mostly on punk bands from the ’80s and ’90s and the lyrics of this song combined with Mike Ness’ voice took me through high school just like many young kids the world over.


This song made dubstep for me. I fell in love with the genre and its dark ambience. It was like a bass heavy version of all my favorite kinds of music from IDM to Drum N Bass.

Eat: Satyen Melwani, Owner, Chez Vous

Out Of The Blue, Bandra

I like this restaurant for its relaxed atmosphere. The open-air seating is great. All in all, good food and wine make for a fun and romantic evening. Try the fondue here. It’s delicious.

Mia Cucina, Bandra

This small, easy-to-miss Bandra restaurant’s specialty happens to be its pizzas and gnocchi.It makes for a great family dining option.

Indigo Cafe, Lokhandwala

Great food and warm service is what draws me to Indigo Cafe. The staff is friendly and the atmosphere is very romantic. I recommend the pizza here, as well as the grilled prawns. Breakfast enthusiasts should try the pancakes. They also happen to have a wide variety of beer and cocktails. Another must-try is their delicious homemade ice cream.

Prakash, Dadar

This is one of the few places to serve authentic Maharashtri-an cuisine. The food is also very reasonable. It’s a great option for grabbing a quick, cheap bite. I like the buzz around this small, old school eatery.

Elbo Room, Bandra

They mix some great cocktails and it’s always possible to find some friendly conversation here. The young, lively crowd adds to the energy.It’s the easygoing feel of the place, which makes it so enjoyable.

Watch: Zoa Morani, Actor

Le Grand Bleu (1988)

I guess the beauty of this movie is that it makes us feel that we could be any of its characters, because they’re so real. We almost can’t believe that they don’t exist outside of the movie. This is an amazing, well-written, acted, photographed and directed movie. It carries us into an extraordinary world, and it’s our world.

Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot (1953)

Exquisitely funny masterpiece with one of the greatest physical comedians of all time. There are some real laughs in it, but Mr. Hulot’s Holiday gives us something rarer, an amused affection for human nature — so odd, so valuable, so particular, I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the film.

L’illisioniste (2010)

With its antique coloured light and the stubborn persistence, the film evokes a quality of feeling that Toy Story 3 did not. It’s not just that we outgrow our toys, sometimes the world outgrows us. This is beautifully depicted in this film.

Joan of Arc (1948)

Done in technicolour, this film chronicles the life of St. Joan. The film is truely an inspirational tale of a young woman, a desperate nation, and a faith that defied even the spectre of death.

Baisers Voles (1968)

This amusing and entertaining French film is one is my favourites as I am a diehard romantic.

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