'I judge my success by the bikes I can afford'

For someone who made yellow speedos a sex metaphor, he is disarmingly down-to-earth. The newly appointed brand face for a range of men’s products, is everything you see on camera and more— same buff body, school boy grin and yes, the butt of the century. John Abraham gets flirty with Rochelle Pinto.

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Rochelle Pinto
Rochelle Pinto
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For someone who made yellow speedos a sex metaphor, he is disarmingly down-to-earth. The newly appointed brand face for a range of men’s products, is everything you see on camera and more— same buff body, school boy grin and yes, the butt of the century. John Abraham gets flirty with Rochelle Pinto.

For someone who’s not afraid to get a little dirt under his nails, John Abraham looks remarkable fresh.. even without a stitch of make-up.

He attributes this to his training as a model, saying, “When we were models, we were always running from auditions to shows and so, we were always exposed to the sun and the grime. At that time, I felt that actors were a very insulated bunch because they had the luxury of travelling by AC cars.”

The new face of the Garnier Men’s range admits that a senior choreographer gave him the best, if not the whackiest advice he had ever heard. “He told me to sleep during the day, and go out only at night since most of my assignments were in the night. It sounded crazy to me then, but now the only form of make-up that I need even while shooting is sunscreen,” he grins.

Teen trouble
So was he always this confident? “Hardly,” he laughs, “I grew up like any other guy with typical guy problems. When I was a teenager, I had a severe acne problem and I’d pray to God everyday to take it away.”

While we try to digest the image of a shy John, he continues, “I’ve had a typical middle class upbringing.. I don’t wear chains or accessories, I never wore a watch and now I only do so on occasion.. you’ll rarely see me in anything apart from my slippers. Minimalistic and without excess baggage — that’s my bohemian philosophy in life.”

Despite his admissions, it’s obvious that the insecure teenager with bad skin has been left far behind. “It’s a journey that I’ve travelled and now, though I’m confident about my looks, I still clam up when I meet other actors. I’ve spent most of my life being a middle class guy. I still look at actors the way everybody else does. That’s why I only have a few friends in the industry.”

Social non-butterfly
His introverted nature even prompted someone to ask why he doesn’t socialise. “I’m proud that the acting community has accepted me so graciously, but I’m happy with the four close friends who’ve been with me since kindergarten. They’re the only ones who I am completely open with. Otherwise, I still start gawking and smiling like a fool when people compliment me.”

Speaking of compliments, which one made him turn the deepest shade of red? He replies without missing a beat, “I went to the gym early one morning and my trainer comes up to me and says, ‘ Oh John, you’re looking very plum plum on both your cheeks.’ And all the women around me dissolved into laughter.”

So he’s obviously unperturbed by male attention.. “I love every compliment, I’m human after all,” he deadpans. “But these ones stay with me because they’re so unintended.”

When you’re constantly hailed as one of the hottest men in the world, doesn’t it get difficult not to develop an inflated ego?

“My family and friends act as my reality checks because they’re totally unaffected by my fame,” he explains. “I do get a lot of attention but it’s very important to respect every compliment.”

John admits that having spent much of his life slogging for his money and worrying about his salary has eliminated all illusions of grandeur.

Simply put, his connect lies in the fact that despite looking like a greek god, he is a perfect representation of the common man

“I make myself very accessible so people feel like they can come up to me. I once had a middle-aged lady asking me for fitness advice because she had a knee problem. After I assured her that she could exercise on the treadmill without fear, she started walking like she had conquered the world,” he recalls.

Speaking of the fairer sex.. there’s no doubt that those dimples make women swoon.. so who was the first woman to capture John’s heart? “My third grade teacher Mrs. Anand.” He grins.

“She was so beautiful and I was so besotted with her that I told my father I wanted to marry her. Of course after that, I haven’t been so open about my relationships.”

As his entire female fan base sighs collectively, he admits that he’s not the kind to chase flings. “I’ve always been in long-term relationships, in fact, I don’t even remember the last time I asked somebody out.”

Oh you don’t have to worry John. We’re sure there are women who will be more than willing to take the lead and ask you out.
And though we’re curious to know if any fan has done anything shocking to get his attention, he responds in the negative. “You’re going to think I’m terribly boring, but nothing wild has ever happened to me. Nor have I done anything outrageous for a girl.”

Does that mean his lover can expect a candle-lit dinner and a dozen roses? “I’m an active person with loads of adrenaline,” he winks. “That’s too soft for me.”

Given that his current girlfriend could scorch the socks right off a man, it’s surprising to hear what really attracts him in a woman.

“I love when a woman is not aware of her physicality. Even though Bipasha is very sexual and overt on camera, in real life, she’s not always conscious of how she looks.”

And since we know that the man is a hardcore bike fanatic, we beg to ask — What really gets John’s engine revving.. a hot woman or a gleaming motorcycle?

“I admit I judge my success by the bikes I can afford. But women are, hands down, the most beautiful creation ever made by God or man. But a woman on a bike? Oh my God…”

John comes clean:

* John’s guilty pleasure is his obsession with chai.. especially when he gets to dip his toast and khari biscuit in it. And though he’s trying to switch to green tea, he groans, “It just doesn’t taste the same.”

* He believes that money has a lot to do with happiness, as long as you can respect it. His parents made him promise that as his earnings increased, the amount he gives to charity would also increase.

* The fair-skinned actor isn’t afraid to get a spray-on tan if a role demands a bronzed look. But he’s proud of the fact that Indian skin tans beautifully.. best portrayed by a certain Bipasha Basu perhaps?

First Published: May 12, 2009 16:05 IST