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It’s all about who you know

Mista D is what in Bollywood they call the struggler.

entertainment Updated: Apr 13, 2010 12:51 IST
Mista D

Mista D is what in Bollywood they call the struggler.

My hearty congratulations to Starlet for bagging that movie!! I was so happy last week when I read her article that I immediately called her to know the whole story and the sweet girl told me everything in detail, from the start till she was selected. I hope it’s a super hit, people throng the theatres like never before and it gives 3 Idiots a run for its money.

I always feel very delighted when any model friend of mine, be it a guy or a girl, gets selected for something. It reaffirms the faith in me that ‘Yes, everyone gets their chance, it’s just a matter of time’. Of course I also feel truly happy for them because the jealousy factor has never crept into me, as I believe that everyone comes with his or her luck in this industry, and jealously will only be an added burden.

So, be it Starlet, or my roommate who is trying to get his own movie made, or an another roommate who has started shooting for a serial, or my other friends who are all over the TV, I proudly tell others, “I know this guy, I have his number saved too, you want to see”. Of course, the latter half in that sentence is my effort at some deliberate humour, which people rarely understand.

That’s why whenever I get a chance to promote my friends; I do so with full enthusiasm, with or without their knowledge. In the coming few weeks, I’ll write an article naming a few, how I met them and what they are currently on air as. And why not?

This industry runs on ‘groups’! Even the higher ups have their own groups formed, and we all know about that. It’s human nature, people like to work with others who they already know or have a connection through someone else to.

Most of the projects which I’ve done till now, have been referred to me by my friends! Be it something that pays Rs 15,000 a day or something that hardly pays at all, its work after all. In an industry where talent hardly counts and is usually something that matures as your experience increases, this is how things start.

A month or so ago, I got a call asking me if I’d like to be a contestant on Dadagiri Season 3. The lady on the other end of the line sounded very upbeat, as if this would be the most important decision I’d ever make in my life. It took me hardly a nano second to say, “No thanks, this is not what I’d like to do”, in a very polite manner.

What I really wanted to say, was:“Hahahahah WTF! Dadagiri is coming out with another season? And now you are hunting for freak shows to participate in it?”In hindsight the most appropriate response would’ve been… “Just because I’m Bindass, doesn’t mean I’ll participate in Dadagiri.”To cut a long story short, my friend gave the lady my number.

Let’s ignore the fact that it was the Dadagiri show, which he referred me to.The fact that he remembered me, even though we hadn’t talked in the past few months and took the effort to give my number is important. I respect that. He called the other day to ask if I knew of any new places to party and I was like, “Dude, partying is an alien concept to me.

I’ve even forgotten how to spell it, but thanks for referring me to that girl. Are you participating in it?”I hope Starlet remembers the pact, which we had. If she gets famous first, she will promote me and if I get famous first, I’ll promote her.I still have that message saved for proof. What say Starlet?...... Hahahaha.