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Mahima Chaudhary's hoping for the best

After playing homemaker and mother, Mahima Chaudhary returns to the big screen with Hope And A Little Sugar.Ritujaay Ghosh speaks to the actress.
Hindustan Times | By Ritujaay Ghosh, Kolkata
UPDATED ON APR 18, 2008 12:29 PM IST

Life has come full circle for Mahima Chaudhary. From starting her career with a hit (Pardes), to getting married, and playing homemaker and mother, she is now back to films with Tanuja Chandra’s Hope And A Little Sugar.

Excerpts from a chat:

So are you back for good?
Oh no! My daughter Ariana is still a baby and I am not making a comeback. I never said farewell to films but I enjoy playing real-life mom and homemaker.

But your professional career has halted.
I didn’t miss films because I was too occupied with my personal life. My husband Bobby (Mukherjee) has been really supportive. Bringing up a child is not easy and that was good enough reason for the halt.

You were born and brought up in West Bengal and Bobby is also a Bengali. Do you speak Bangla at home?
Our house has a metropolitan atmosphere (laughs). We speak Bangla, Hindi and English. In fact I have always loved Bangla and wanted to do Bengali films.

Bengali films?
Yes, why not? I speak fluent Bengali. I would love to do a film with Rituparno Ghosh or anyone who makes me a challenging offer.

What made you accept an English film?
It was the role and Tanuja Chandra. It’s a very sensitive love story about a Sikh widow and a Muslim man. The backdrop is 9/11, and the story speaks of love and hope despite the hatred all round.

Is it a deglamourised role?
The subject is serious but that doesn’t mean the role is non-glamorous. I play a Sikh girl born and brought up in the US. So, I don’t speak with a Punjabi accent. I play just another NRI who speaks English.

So what was your English debut like?
More than anything I learnt a lot of things working with a foreign crew. Since the producers are Americans and based in New York, everything was done online. I was signed up online but there were no confusions. Everything was so professional.

And where do we see you next?
It’s back to managing home for a while, and though I have already started reading scripts, it will take some more time before I’m back on the screen on a regular basis. Let’s just say that next year, there will be more of me.

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