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Miss K, now in 3G!

Miss K is what in cinema world they call the ‘starlet’. This is her weekly diary.

entertainment Updated: Mar 14, 2011 15:44 IST

An audition a day keeps the blues away. I’ve spent all week zipping from one audition to another like the new superhero Zoo Zoo.

MONDAY: Monday was packed. I first headed to Rose Films (Goldie Behl’s production house) for a “small, but important part” in an upcoming flick. They said the role has three scenes with John Abraham and a song, I’m convinced it’s a bit-role. Now that everything is going HD and 3G, next in line was an audition for STAR HD. I squeezed in another one for Citibank before making it to the gym, munching on an apple along the way.

TUESDAY: We Google ourselves for self indulgence, psyche ourselves up for performances, and sometimes even test ourselves! An actor’s gotta do what an actor’s gotta do… I spent all morning rehearsing for one such film audition, in the privacy of my room, recording myself on my new handy-cam. After watching The Kings Speech, I’ve realised nothing’s impossible if you are hard-working and persistent. After 30 readings and five retakes, I was ready! They were basically looking for two things — confidence and the right look! Although the audition was smooth, I didn’t feel like I’d delivered a cracking performance. Nonetheless, I was satisfied. I’ve stopped relying on the audition taker’s opinion of my performance because sometimes they say, “got it” when they’re sure you aren’t the one. At times they genuinely praise you, but their opinions don’t often matter because the director is really the top dog!

WEDNESDAY: There are good days and then, there are days you clean your cupboard! I spent all day organising my clothes into piles of gym clothes, home clothes, audition clothes, party clothes, and clothes-I-can-just-be-myself-in. ‘Me-being-me’ and ‘Model-me'’ are two completely different personalities! Thankfully!

THURSDAY: I met Ashok Salian, the photographer with the most infectious laughter. We shared many laughs over a half an hour-long chat about the Indian art scene. I hope I get this sari campaign!

FRIDAY: Final round of selections for a huge IPL campaign for a popular sportswear brand! After my sporty spice avatar, I rushed home to slip into my churidar for a car commercial audition. Both were pretty good. The heat’s been unrelenting, but I guess we should be thankful, considering we haven’t been washed away like other unfortunate parts of the world. So all in all, action-packed-audition week! I hope there’s a God out there, and I hope he grants me one of the shoots. Haven’t got a call back yet, but I shall wake up tomorrow, dust myself off and try again!