Music composer AR Rahman has been in the music business for almost three decades now.
Music composer AR Rahman has been in the music business for almost three decades now.

AR Rahman: I never look at music as the second option, for me it is the only option

Music maestro AR Rahman says sometimes people say that music is going to ‘end’ with other things coming up, but asserts it will evolve and stay.
By Juhi Chakraborty
PUBLISHED ON MAR 06, 2021 08:47 PM IST

AR Rahman’s almost 30-year career which started with Roja in 1992 has been quite exemplary. And even after six National Film Awards, two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe Award later, the quest to do better still remains as strong as his first project.

“I never look at music as the second option for me it is the only option I kept telling about how my mother made the choice of me to be a composer. Every 3 years people come and say music is going to end with other things coming up. There is a fear that something will come and destroy your livelihood. It has always been there,” shares the music maestro.

But Rahman is confident that music is always going to be there. “It is going to evolve. It is something beautiful, it goes from hand to hand and traditions. Things are getting updated and same ragas are being played by younger people and they bring in their own flavor.”

Another reason why the 54-year-old believes that music is irreplaceable and will also live on is because of the young talents that are coming up.

“We have extraordinary musicians now and sometimes an eight-year-old goes to a level of expertise that even a 50-year-old can’t match up to. And I have seen those talented kids. Music can’t be stopped and nobody owns it. It can go to anybody and that is fascinating. That also keeps you open minded and keep looking at things which are evolving and you embrace it. Sometime you just have to appreciate it. You see so many extraordinary talents and they reaffirm the faith in music for all of us,” he explains.

On if there any advice that he would like to share with young and upcoming musicians, Rahman says it is he who needs it from them.

“I like to talk to younger musicians because they are the ones who listen to new music. My team is young and I look at the enthusiasm in their faces and their actions and they inspire me. That is the mutual respect that we need. I respect what they do and they respect me. All older and younger musicians should practice this taking and giving back,” he concludes.

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