Aanchal Shrivastava has released a new song titled Saajan Ji.
Aanchal Shrivastava has released a new song titled Saajan Ji.

I am not making million views and I don’t intend to: Aanchal

The singer says that she is happy to concentrate on her independent music and does not want to shift her focus to Bollywood music as of now.
By Nikita Deb
UPDATED ON MAR 06, 2021 02:04 PM IST

Indie folk is a genre that has gained several listeners in the last few years. And singer Aanchal Shrivastava has capitalised on that and created a niche for herself which she is thrilled about. “Independent music is my forte; I have a great hold on it. I am not banging any doors looking for work. I never beg any director or composer to give me a chance to sing in their movies or to test my voice. But I have been fortunate that people have heard my singles and called me to sing for their projects. My focus is on becoming an independent musician and a singer-songwriter. I want to make it big there instead of waiting for a big producer to spot me and give me a break in Bollywood. They are only spotting million views and I am fortunately or unfortunately not making a million views, and I don’t intend to either. I will get there when I am supposed to but I have a great niche for now. I am not cut-out for mainstream Bollywood music. If they are calling me, I am 100% going but I am not going to call them,” says the singer, who has sung songs such as Chithi Khat Aur Tum and Kuch Pehle Ka.

The singer, who has actively been releasing indie folk songs says the audience is ready for this genre and she has found great comfort in it, too. But as someone who had no insider connections in the industry, her advise to newcomers in this city is to not be hasty when taking the decision to move here. “Everybody comes to Mumbai thinking yaha pe hi sab kuch hota hai. And my experience and outlook from the last 2-3 years says that even if you are not in this city but are working passionately from your hometown where you have a place to stay and can get three meals a day, just stay there and continue working on your music. Focus on creating music rather than coming to this city. If you are financially unstable or don’t have means to earn here, it is extremely tough in this city. It is not about the competition here but you get blown away by so many other factors," she says.

Shrivastava’s new song Sajan Ji is another beautiful track which infuses the elements on folk music quite effortlessly with modern beats. The singer says, “There is a big audience for folk music now. I chose it because I am very strong in this genre. I am better at this genre than at any other, so I have fortunately been able to really focus on that,” she signs off.

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