Singer Shaan with his wife Radhika and son Soham
Singer Shaan with his wife Radhika and son Soham

Shaan: I am not at all anxious about son being away in the US

Singer Shaan says he doesn’t want to postpone his life because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and that’s what he is inculcating in his children
By Sugandha Rawal
PUBLISHED ON SEP 11, 2021 06:14 PM IST

For singer Shaan, his song, Tanha Dil, has turned out to be a reality with his elder son Soham Mukherjee going to the US for higher studies. However, the singer is being practical towards it, instead of spending his days sulking about the loneliness.

Last week, Shaan had tweeted, “Now with my son, Soham, gone for his higher studies to USC, California, a song I wrote 21yrs ago has taken a full circle .. #TanhaDil”.

“Actually, I am quite relieved that he has settled very fast in the US. He has good roommates. He is in good company and enjoying his course. Phele toh din mein two times he used to call, ab din mein ek baar hogaya hai. I hope it doesn’t turn into once in a week now,” quips Shaan.

On a serious note, the 48-year-old shares, “We know he has a crazy rush in the morning. He even told us not to expect him to call us in the morning. So we wake up to talk to him. And once in a day is good.”

In fact, taking him to the US was itself an adventure, with the family picking Serbia as the route to reach the country instead of Mexico or Russia.

“He had already studied online for one year, and we had enough time to plan. I know a lot of parents missed the bus. But we were sure ke kuch na kuch karke wahan pahunchna hai. So, we found a way and didn’t wait or take any chances where laws change or something. I also missed out on a few important assignments also but the point was that this time will not come back for him,” says the singer, whose son Soham also produces music along with his band.

While the uncertainties due to the virus scare continue to keep the world on its toes, the Chaar Kadam singer is in no mood to let it dictate his life.

“I am not all anxious about Soham being in the US. I know he is in a protected environment, with his college just across his street. And at some point, you have to get independent. This (Covid-19 pandemic) is something which we have to live with now. We can’t postpone life due to it,” says the father of two.

Wrapping up, the Chand Sifarish hitmaker notes, “Look at the way things are going. Kissi cheez ka kuch bharosa nahi hai. Kal ke liye aaj bachake rakhein, aur pata chale kal dekh hi nahi paye. So, live the moment, make the most of it and make happy memories.”

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