Writing a song is not tough, selling it is: Priya Saraiya

Singer-lyricist Priya Saraiya talks about the dearth of female lyricists in the industry and the kind of writing she’s averse to.
Writing a song is not tough, selling it is: Priya Saraiya
Writing a song is not tough, selling it is: Priya Saraiya
Updated on Dec 08, 2021 05:36 PM IST
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BySoumya Vajpayee

Apart from being a singer, Priya Saraiya is also a lyricist. She enjoys juggling both the roles and calls them her “creative extensions”. While it’s often purported that there’s dearth of female lyricists in India, she’s been writing songs for Hindi films for over a decade.

Ask her why there aren’t many female lyricists in the industry and she says, “Writing quality lyrics is a function of time and life experiences. All of us - male or female - encounter life-altering moments and all the emotions that come with it. So, it’s not about gender; it’s about how life shapes us internally and how it manifests through one’s writing.”

She adds, “Having said that, one can’t deny that even though it’s a male-dominated industry, the ground reality is rapidly changing and I’m delighted to be playing a role in this evolution. We have many talented female artistes in the industry and I’m sure that will soon hold true for female lyricists as well.”

Ask her what’s the toughest thing about writing songs for films today, and she’s quick to respond, “Writing a song is not the toughest task for a lyricist, selling your song is. Trying to convince your producer or director to try something new can be a challenge. Most folks want to shun risk, stick with tried-and-tested formulae, or adopt current trends. There are very few people who want to try something new.”

Saraiya has penned three songs for Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui and she’s elated that they have been garnering rave reviews: “All the songs are different from each other. Kalle Kalle is a touching track, emoting the pain of a heartbroken girl. Penning these songs and singing two of them was an incredible experience.”

The lyricist-singer has penned various kinds of songs over the years. But is there a certain kind of writing that she’s averse to? “I’m receptive to experimentation, but I do have a problem writing anything that might mislead the youth. As artistes, we understand the impact our work has on audiences, especially impressionable ones. And, being responsible is important as an artiste,” Saraiya ends.

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