Selena on singing, acting and Justin Bieber

Eighteen-year-old singer-actor Selena Gomez juggles a career in singing and acting along with a high-profile relationship with a fellow teen icon. Still relatively new to showbiz, Selena Gomez admits she’s been juggling a lot of things.

entertainment Updated: Jul 18, 2011 17:11 IST

Still relatively new to showbiz, Selena Gomez admits she’s been juggling a lot of things. After starting her career on the TV series, Wizards of Waverly Place, her career in music took off too. Now, she has a band called Selena Gomez and The Scene and is also looking for a more active Hollywood career.“I want to do more films as I haven’t done a lot of films so far. However, I also want to grow more musically. It’s important for me to take risks and grow up through my music. It’s been almost three years now, that I have been juggling between acting and singing,” says the singer-actor.

Selena has also been involved with humanitarian work and charity. In 2009, she became UNICEF’s youngest ambassador ever at just 17 years of age. “I’ve been extremely blessed and received so much at a young age. It’s important for me to give back at every opportunity. I also have a platform for kids. It’s good to be a part of it and push the next generation to be helpful to each other,” she smiles.

Selena’s most recent album, When The Sun Goes Down, was released on June 28, and has reached No 4 on the US charts, selling 78,000 copies so far. “I think what my fans can take away from this record is that it’s a little bit more inspiring than the other ones. The lyrics are a lot more meaningful and this record obviously is dedicated to them. I’m ready to go on my first tour and meet my fans from all over, so I’m excited.”

Her new film, Monte Carlo, has also just hit the theatres alongside monster hit, Transformers 3. “I'm very proud of this movie because I worked very hard on it and so have the cast and crew. It’s a film that guys and girls would like to watch,” she says. Of late, Selena has been in the news for her relationship with fellow teen sensation, Justin Bieber. In some interviews, she was outspoken, even confirming that they were a couple, but this time around, Selena remains tight-lipped, only saying,“I try to stay as normal as possible and just be myself. So I decided to open up a bit instead of all the running and hiding.”

First Published: Jul 13, 2011 12:50 IST