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'Sex teacher' Rakhi Sawant says priest is faking it

Rakhi Sawant is back with a bang as a sex teacher in an upcoming film. In a heart-to-heart exclusive conversation, the item bomb speaks to Parmita Uniyal about her 'bold' role in the film, molestation charges by a priest and more.
Hindustan Times | By Parmita Uniyal, New Delhi
UPDATED ON MAR 11, 2011 10:34 AM IST
Rakhi Sawant who was shying away from media after a lawsuit was filed against her for prompting a participant in her show to suicide, is set to embrace the limelight again. The item bomb is back with a bang as a sex teacher in an upcoming film Qasam Se Qasam Se. Directed by debutante Ashfaque Makrani, the film is expected to be high on 'Rakhi masala'. In a heart-to-heart exclusive conversation, Rakhi Sawant spoke to Parmita Uniyal about her 'bold' role in the film, molestation charges by a priest, her love for comedy and more.

Inspired by Sushmita Sen

Though Rakhi Sawant never believes in taking inspiration for a role, this time she would take tips from Sushmita Sen's character in Main Hoon Naa. "It is similar to Sushmita Sen's role in Main Hoon Naa. The role would be hatke as I would be seen wearing bikini tops in the movie."

Rakhi Sawant plays Delnaaz Doodhwala in the film. She is born and brought up in abroad and is appointed by NACO (National AIDS
Control Organisation) in a school to impart sex education.

"I play a sex teacher in the film. My character in the film is very bold and sexy and my students are besotted with me. They are not able to concentrate on their studies, as all of them have a crush on me."

Item number with students
How can a film not have an item number if it features Rakhi Sawant as the lead heroine? "Yes, I'm doing a hot number in the film. It features all my students."

But the film is not just about sex and sexy Rakhi, it also deals with the subject of AIDS and importance of sex education in the country. "I feel like I'm doing a government campaign for AIDS awareness. In our country, a lot of girls don't know anything about sex till they get married. Sex education is very important because people should have awareness about their own body and about safe sex. It's pathetic to see young girls getting married so early and having improper abortions."

"Sex to me is a subject, similar to History, Geography. People should also treat it like that. In India, students make fun of sex as a subject, while in abroad, people take it seriously," she continues.

Rakhi Sawant also feels that students tend to get naturally attracted to their teachers as it's their first interaction with the opposite sex. "For students, teachers are always sexy. For me, teachers are greater than parents. They have a deep influence on a child's personality. Afterall, they spend a large chunk of the day in school."

Molestation charges a publicity gimmick
Rakhi Sawant who's busy with her reality show Big Toss is also shocked and disgusted at the molestation charges by Delhi-based guru, Swami Aravind. The Shraddha channel show host alleged that Rakhi made him do a close dance with her. He was also allegedly admitted to a hospital after an angina attack. "You can imagine how publicity hungry he is. Wo pandit ke bhes mein bahut bada pakhandi hai (he is a fake). It's very clear that he used my name to gain publicity. The whole hosiptal episode was also a big drama. While shooting for the show, he was more than eager to dance with me."

"He should understand that it's not a pravachan, it's a reality show," she adds.

Comedy dreams
The item bomb turned actress is also excited about featuring in Comedy Circus Jubliee. "I want to establish myself as a comedian as I always wanted to become one. I really enjoy doing comedy as it's very difficult to make people laugh."

Ask her about her favourite comedians and she has a long list of names, "I love Johnny Lever, Mehmood, Keshto Mukherjee, Kishore Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Krishna..."

Well Rakhi, we hope filmmakers know about your latest love!

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