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entertainment Updated: Jul 05, 2010 15:43 IST
Sneha Naik
Sneha Naik
Hindustan Times

Today’s night is so pretty. There are very few stars in the sky and at this side of my window, I can’t even see the moon. The black sky above looks amazing. This cool breeze teaches me that even after a hot summer day, there is something to look forward to. That is life. In its own way, nature teaches us and conveys so many messages. It’s just that we are too busy to look out the window.

If we take some time off for ourselves, we will realise all the solutions that we are looking for, and the advice we want from our mentors, is freely available in nature.

Take for instance this incident I once experienced. A pigeon was trying to make its nest in my balcony. Every time it took flight, it would bring twigs to my balcony. One day, my father covered the balcony with a thick net to prevent the pigeon from entering.

Still, the pigeon managed to get in by biting and scraping the net. One day, the the pigeon came in but couldn’t get out. Its wings got stuck in the net. I tried my best to save it. I tried to point out how it could get out of the hole. I don’t know how much it understood, but it managed to get out without being hurt.

Moral of the story

This shows that we have to pursue what we aim for, no matter how difficult or impossible it seems. If something goes wrong, there will be some God-sent angel to rescue us, put us back in the right place and we will be ready to fly again. (I’m not saying I am an angel, however....)

First Published: Jul 05, 2010 14:30 IST