To column or not to column

Hindustan Times | ByFarhan Akhtar, New Delhi
Feb 21, 2010 01:27 AM IST

Meet Farhan Akhtar who kicks off our new panel of celeb columnists.

When first asked to write about my life, thoughts and experiences, I wondered… will people actually be interested in what’s going on with me? Will they care? What if I write something I’ll regret later? What if my column becomes the most read every week? How wild would that be? Is that even possible? etc etc. Finally I realized that this inner dialogue could go on till 2015, stopping only to break for lunch! So here I am. Good, bad, inarticulate, over-descriptive, making no sense, whatever, but me.

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Karthik calling Karthik has gone into labour, which means that it should be arriving soon. As a proud parent, I am informing the world via every possible medium, excluding smoke signals, that the journey leading up to its release has been worth every contraction. And it has. Now I hope, the world will see our baby with the same eyes as us because beauty, as we have come to learn, lies in the eyes of the beholder.

That apart, my actual flesh and blood baby turned 3 last weekend and we celebrated it at a dear uncle’s beach house, more specifically in his pool. The older one got dunked accidentally, had a break down and then 10 minutes later was back in, playing with the same girl who dunked her in the first place! I’m thinking ‘How easily children forgive and forget?’, only to remind myself that we were all children once.

Speaking of reminiscing, I would highly recommend Andre Agassi’s book Open to those interested in… well, a good read. It’s so brave to write honestly about one’s own life in so much detail. By the end, I found myself amazed by and even slightly envious of his photographic memory.

Back to my week. No time for memories right now.

Already two months gone in 2010! Is it just me or are clocks ticking faster with every passing year? Send your answers to and we’ll send you yesterday’s paper. It’s all going by that quickly. On that note, we’re done with our first session. Told you it might make no sense but I’m glad I got it off my chest anyway.

PS: On my way back home today, I saw a police van that had the following words painted on it’s side: ‘For crimes against women and senior citizens, Call 103.’

Funny, always thought it would be to prevent crimes against them. Guess I’m not the only inarticulate person here after all.

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