To serve with love

HT reader Manav B shares his experience of how he helped a young kid.

entertainment Updated: Mar 30, 2009 15:58 IST
Hindustan Times

I’d always dreamt of becoming a doctor but financial circumstances prevented me from fulfilling my dreams. My best friend, Ravi, is pursuing his bachelors degree in homeopathy in Pune.

It’s been just a month since he started with his course. I really look forward to his visits to Mumbai every three months. On one of his visits, we were hanging around aimlessly when I suddenly got a call from my mother. She wanted me to buy some medicines and ointments for her.

Ravi and I stopped at a chemist. As we were leaving, I spotted a man rushing to the store, in search of a child specialist. Unfortunately, there was no doctor around. I asked him what the matter was.

In dire straits
His two-year-old granddaughter had consumed his medicine, which he had left on the table and was complaining of drowsiness. My friend and I rushed them to the closest doctor. The kid lost consciousness on the way.

We were lucky to catch him just as he was getting ready to leave. The doctor revived her within 20 minutes although she still looked slightly dazed. I felt good. So what if I couldn’t become a doctor. At least, I had been given the opportunity to help someone in need.

First Published: Mar 30, 2009 15:56 IST