Anupamaa written update July 5: Anupamaa gets anxious about Pakhi’s relationship with Adhik

Published on Jul 05, 2022 10:12 PM IST

Anupamaa written update July 5: Pakhi tells everyone that she likes Adhik and he also reciprocates his feelings for her. Anupamaa gets anxious about their relationship while Vanraj gets infuriated.

A still from Anupamaa.
A still from Anupamaa.

In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Pakhi stands up to Vanraj and Anupamaa is just stunned to hear her words. Vanraj also gets infuriated. Read this article to find out how Anupamaa will react to this crisis. (Also Read | Anupamaa written update July 4)

Pakhi speaks up

In the previous episode, we saw Vanraj slapping and shouting at Adhik for taking Pakhi to an isolated space. However, Pakhi doesn’t keep her silence this time. She speaks up and tells everyone that no one took her and she went with Adhik of her own will. Everyone remains shocked at this revelation. Leela and Vanraj start disgracing Adhik even more but Pakhi defends him.

Not only does she shuts everyone accusing her of doing anything wrong, but she also calls out Vanraj and Anupamaa for having an affair and marrying in old age. Anupamaa is completely taken back watching the crisis unfold but she tries to calm everyone down. Pakhi says she likes Adhik and he also reciprocates the feeling.

Vanraj asks Anupamaa to leave

Vanraj orders Pakhi to go to her room and she refuses to leave. Rakhi Dave couldn’t keep herself from provoking everyone so she starts passing her snide remarks. Anupamaa shuts her up and to her disbelief, Kinjal asks her mother to leave. As everyone is asking others to leave so that the drama can end, Anupamaa also requests Pakhi to go back to her room but she only continues to disregard her requests. Anupamaa then gives Pakhi a befitting reply to her accusations on Anupamaa of falling in love in her 50s. Pakhi remains silent.

Finally, Adhik asks Pakhi to leave so the adults can discuss what to do next. Vanraj continues to panic and he also asks Anupamaa to leave with her family. Anupamaa stays back to talk to Pakhi and handle the situation. Barkha on the other hand bursts out at Adhik for developing a liking for

Pakhi given Vanraj’s relationship with her and the family. Adhik defends himself. Meanwhile, Anupamaa continues to worry about the future and how this crisis will affect her relationship with her kids and Anuj.

In the upcoming episodes, tension will arise as Adhik will provoke Pakhi to make her decisions and not let the elders control her life. Vanraj will ask Anupamaa to stay away from his family. Keep reading HT highlights for more updates.

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