Ashnoor Kaur scores 94 percent in her class 12 boards: Won’t give up my studies, showbiz isn’t very stable

Actor Ashnoor Kaur talks about getting herself a new house, her future plans after scoring 94 percent in class 12 exams, and more.
Actor Ashnoor Kaur has been a part of TV shows such as Patiala Babes and Jhansi Ki Rani.
Actor Ashnoor Kaur has been a part of TV shows such as Patiala Babes and Jhansi Ki Rani.
Published on Aug 01, 2021 07:36 PM IST
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By Rishabh Suri

Ashnoor Kaur is overjoyed at scoring 94 percent in her class 12 board exams, and on top of that, she has purchased a new house, too, all at the age of 17. The actor says she had stopped taking up long term projects on the professional front since she wanted to focus on her studies.

“I didn’t want to stress myself more, and said to myself, ‘I need to score more than my class 10 because then I managed to score 93 along with a daily soap. Now that I wasn’t doing one, iss baar thode zyaada aane chahiye, even if it’s one percent’,” she tells us.

What made things tougher was the fact that due to the pandemic, the exams happened online. She says, “It was a bit tough, because it wasn’t as if I wasn’t working at all. I’ve been travelling for a year for my short term commitments. Somehow, I did it, I feel happy about it.”

As for future plans, the actor doesn’t intend to drop her higher studies and focus only on acting. In fact, she asserts that she’ll keep a backup option ready as well apart from being an actor.

Explaining why, she elaborates, “I’m not going to give up my studies. I’ll do my graduation in Mumbai, mostly Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM). On the professional front, I’ll take a little break from daily soaps as of now. But you never know, if something with a good concept comes, I might take it up. I’m concentrating on grooming myself for bigger things, this is a transition phase I’m going through, from being a teenager to adulthood. I’ll take a break and prepare myself so when I come back, I don’t disappoint.”

Filmmaking figures on her list of future plans, too. “This showbiz industry is not very stable, I’d want a backup option. Rather than starting from scratch in something totally new, I also have interest in direction, so I might do my Masters in filmmaking,” shares the actor, who has been a part of shows such as Patiala Babes and Jhansi Ki Rani.

Kaur’s family, too, is ecstatic, at both her new house in Mumbai, and the board results.

“The house was a family decision. I’m growing up and we just thought why not do it right now? There wasn’t any particular thought. I wanted to do it and I did. It’ll be ready hopefully before I turn 18. That’ll be great,” gushes Kaur.

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