Vendors too have fan pages

What makes campuses in Delhi even more popular are the various vendors and eateries that sell delicious food.

entertainment Updated: Jun 26, 2011 02:11 IST
Namya Sinha
Namya Sinha
Hindustan Times

What makes campuses in Delhi even more popular are the various vendors and eateries that sell delicious food. These joints are not only popular with students but even alumni of a number of colleges who have dedicated fan pages to them across social networking websites such as Orkut and Facebook.

JP tea stall
This famous tea stall has more than two Facebook fan pages. While the first one is called J.P. Tea Stall, the other one is called ‘Miss Dskul...Teerath… JP tea stall… and all!’ Both the fan pages are dedicated to those who have spent some of the best moments of their college life here. The fan pages have people sharing their fond memories at the place and talk about the famous iced tea and masala tea sold here.
Where: Delhi School of Economics, Delhi University, North Campus

Ganga dhaba, Jawaharlal Nehru University
This one is a popular eatery in Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU). The place, which is open throughout the night, has fan pages in social networking sites such as Orkut and Facebook. There are various fan pages of the dhabas with over 2,000 members in in some of them. The fan pages have various comments by present and former students, most of which are their memories of either eating or hanging out at the Dhaba.
Where: Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Mehrauli Road

Fans of the LSR sev puri wala
The fan page of this bhelpuri seller came into existence in 2006 on Orkut. This is one of the earliest fan pages of any popular seller or vendor of Delhi University on a social networking website. It has more than 1,000 members. The page has pictures of the bhelpuri vendor selling bhelpuri and sev puri to the students.
Where: Outside LSR College, Lajpat Nagar 4

Pandit jee Canteen, Gwyer Hall
This canteen, located in the VKRV Rao Hostel, has a big fan following for its Mitha Samosa (sweet samosa). Even its fan page, which has 100 members, has pictures of the trademark samosa. This canteen was started in the year 1954 and students often come here for the bun and chai. The fan page describes the canteen as the pride of Gwyer Hall. It has fans discussing about the food served at the canteen such as soupy maggi, shahi toast amongst others.
Where: Gwyer Hall, University Road, North Campus, Delhi University

First Published: Jun 25, 2011 16:35 IST