Priyamani and Manoj Bajpayee in a still from Amazon Prime Video's The Family Man.
Priyamani and Manoj Bajpayee in a still from Amazon Prime Video's The Family Man.

Amid trolling against Priyamani, Family Man's Krishna DK says Lonavala 'shouldn't' get this kind of importance

  • The Family Man co-creator Krishna DK has downplayed the Lonavala mystery, saying that Priyamani's character, Suchitra, is free to do as she pleases.
PUBLISHED ON JUL 19, 2021 02:25 PM IST

The Family Man co-creator Krishna DK has said that the Lonavala mystery 'shouldn't' be getting the sort of attention that it does. Amazon Prime Video's spy series returned for a second season in June.

In an appearance on comedian Sorabh Pant's show, Krishna DK said that there are bigger things to worry about than the Lonavala angle, which is about a possible act of infidelity committed by Suchitra, played by Priyamani.

Asked if he has a cliched answer to the question 'Lonavala mein kya hua (What happened in Lonavala)?' Krishna DK said, "The cliche answer has been that at the end of season one Delhi was about to be destroyed, and a huge terrorist threat was... Zoya and Milind's lives were at risk, and in the middle of this you want to know what's happening in Lonavala. That's my first stock-and-trade answer."

He continued, "That said, the point of this is, I leave it up to the audiences' imagination. There's a reason we don't come out and explicitly say what's happening in Lonavala. You guys imagine what happened in Lonavala, and you make your own decisions about it. Raj and I, and even Suparn (Varma), the third director, and Suman (Kumar), our co-writer, we all kind of felt that this is perhaps a question that has garnered too much importance in the context, and it shouldn't have. Suchitra is a strong female character. She has reasons, and her motivations, she has her compulsions. She has her decisions that she makes, and she should be. She shouldn't be seen as just Srikant Tiwari's wife. That's not the way to look at her character; she's an individual, she's a strong person. In the first season we say that she's tired of being a person who has kind of fallen in the background, looking after the family. And she wants to explore her dreams and aspirations, on the professional front, and we should look at that as her overall character. So what happened in Lonavala is what you saw, what you believe happened and you just have to go with the flow."

Krishna's response comes amid a flurry of abuse directed at Priyamani, for the actions of the fictional character that she plays. Some fans believe that Suchitra has treated her husband, Srikant Tiwari, played by Manoj Bajpayee, unfairly.

Asked if she received any hate mail after the first season, Priyamani told journalist Puja Talwar in Hindi, "Not season one so much, but I got a lot of hate after season two. Almost every day, whatever post I put out on social media, the first thing everybody says is, 'you shouldn't have betrayed Srikant', 'you shouldn't have done this to Srikant', 'why did you stab Srikant in the back?'."

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She continued, "I laugh it off, but I feel like I must have done something right for them to comment like this. I also hear -- and I don't know if it is right or wrong -- but I also hear that Suchi is one of the most hated characters in the web series world right now, post season two. I must have done something right for them to hate the character that much."

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