Sangram Singh says he'll marry Payal Rohatgi in July, after watching her cry on Lock Upp about delayed wedding

Published on Mar 18, 2022 11:47 AM IST
  • Lock Upp: Payal Rohatgi cried a lot as she said that she and Sangram Singh have been engaged for so long but have not been married.
Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh are engaged.
Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh are engaged.

During a fight on the latest episode of Lock Upp, Kaaranvir Bohra told Payal Rohatgi that she hates men, and wants a "joru ka ghulam" for herself. Payal also called him a male chauvinist. Kangana Ranaut is the host of Lock Upp who appears on weekend episodes and Karan Kundrra comes on weekdays as the jailor. (Also read: Lock Upp: Kaaranvir Bohra picks Siddharth Sharma for eviction)

Kaaranvir and Payal started fighting over the usage of blue team’s private bathroom access on Lock Upp. Kaaranvir said that she was irritating him and then they began abusing each other. Kaaranvir said, “Aap purush dveshi hai, aap joru ka ghulam chahti hai (You don’t treat men equal, look down upon men. You want a slave).” Payal responded with, "You either want young girls to have an affair with you or you want a harem of girls. You do not like independent women who have a thought process. "

She added, "You dare say Joru ka ghulam, how dare you? Sangram is not joru ka ghulam. You have lost your manners. Don’t bring Sangram.” Karanvir then turned towards the camera and said, “Sangram ji, I didn’t bring your name. She took your name.” He also called her, ‘cheap’ and ‘disgusting’ and added, “I detest your guts. How conveniently, she got Sangram’s name.” Shivam Sharma and Ali Mercchant also joined in to support Karanvir and said, “It’s ok being joru ka ghulam for someone you love. The era is over when joru ka ghulam was a bad word. ”

Later, Payal was seen crying as she talked to Saisha Shinde, Babita Phogat and Nisha Rawal. She told them, “Kaaranvir cannot bring Sangram into this. He is not joru ka ghulam. Our marriage is already delayed for 12 years. I don’t want his parents to think Payal wants a joru ka ghulam and that’s why our wedding is getting delayed. How dare he get personal like this? Did I ever talk about his wife? Do you know we have been engaged for so long and we have not been married. And Sangram’s friends provoke him. We have been engaged for so long and we have not been married because we have not been able to come to a point. I want to get married to Sangram. People tell him, ‘You are a Jatt, this is how a woman should behave’."

She added, "You can attack me, tell me whatever you have to say. Do not get my partner in this show. I keep trying to change myself. I want to get married. It’s been 12 years. Sangram is not ‘joru ka ghulam’ and I am not his ‘pao ki jutti’.” Munawar Faruqui and Poonam Pandey were later seen saying that joru ka ghulam is "a cool thing" and not a bad word.

After all this, Sangram took to Twitter and declared that he will marry Payal in July. “Payal is very good girl. We are equal, every couple think and live like in same manner. We planned for marriage in March but due to our both work commitments, will do in July near my birthday. God bless all,” he said.

Kaaranvir then said that it could be Payal’s trigger point and also told the camera that bullying was his trigger point. "Bullying is my trigger point. I have been bullied by my sister. I love my sister but I have been bullied my sister since childhood. I was talking about her (Payal's) mentality and not her partner, if that is trigger point, I would like to apologise."

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