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Star Wars The Acolyte Episode 4 spoilers: Netizens stunned at chilling cliffhanger

ByBhavika Rathore
Jun 19, 2024 02:20 PM IST

Episode 4 of The Acolyte focuses on supporting characters and ends on a cliffhanger, leaving fans wanting more.

Star Wars released Episode 4 of The Acolyte on Tuesday, June 18. The episode highlighted the supporting characters with compelling scenes of Yord and Osha. The episode ended at a banger of a cliffhanger which left the fans asking for the next episode. The episode also won with amazing visuals which has been a strength of the show so far. However, the episode failed to make an impact as strong as the previous episode.

Star Wars The Acolyte episode 4 revealed a chilling cliffhanger(Disney)
Star Wars The Acolyte episode 4 revealed a chilling cliffhanger(Disney)

Spotlight on the supporting cast

The supporting cast shone brightly in episode 4 of the fantasy series. For the first time, the story focused beyond the characters of Sol, Osha and Mae as the audience witnessed a compelling bond between Jecki Lons and Osha. Their budding friendship with hopes of more development was a treat to watch for the viewers.
Another compelling scene is the bond of Yord and Osha as they form a bond of trust when the latter trusts Yord to kill if the need arises in the future. Yord also became a character of wisdom as he advised Osha to face her fears, giving him character depth.
As reported by the ScreenRant, Bazil who was responsible for tracking Kelnacca through the Khofar’s jungle and was also Jedi’s companion, was the standout character of episode 4.

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The tantalizing cliffhanger of Episode 4 leaves the audience waiting for more

The end of the episode is all everyone is talking about from episode 4 of The Acolyte. The well-written end of the episode left the viewers asking questions and immediate release of the next episode. The last few minutes of the episode escalate the story when Mae, Osha the Jedi and their allies find the solitary Jedi dead with wounds from a lightsaber. Darkness prevailed in Khofer as viewers witnessed the first appearance of The Acolyte’s Sith villain. The masked figure approached Osha and fired up its lightsaber sending shocks of terror. It ended on a cliffhanger of Jedi and Sith’s confrontation.

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Netizens react to episode 4 of The Acolyte

With so much to discuss from the new bonds formed in the episode to its cliffhanger and Sith’s appearance, fans of the show took to social media platforms to share their views. Here is what a user of X wrote, “The Acolyte episode 4 ending, oh my god. It is truly evil making me wait another 7 days to see what happens next".
A second user wrote, “How can it end like that and expect me to wait a week”.
A third user wrote, “Holy CHILLS. That ending... I had so many goosebumps. They plucked that sith straight out of a horror movie”.

A user of the platform wrote, “Others have said it before, but this seriously has to be one of the scariest looking Sith we’ve ever seen in any live action Star Wars project. Also how their mask looks to have been reforged in the same way that Kylo Ren’s was,” while another user wrote, “Tonight’s episode of #TheAcolyte is easily my favorite thus far! I feel like I’ve pieced a lot together, but also can’t shake the feeling that there’s bigger mysteries that have yet to be revealed. Also leaving us on THAT ENDING?! Can’t wait for next week!”

Another user wrote, “ We have to wait a whole week now?!” while another X user wrote, “I can’t get that last scene from #TheAcolyte out of my head… I’ve watched the scene three times just for the feeling I get during *one* specific shot and it’s just fantastic. Gosh, this is the best I’ve felt about this show.”

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