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Your summer beauty guide: Break-up with humidity and make-up without fear!

From ditching oil-based products to making blotting paper your best friend — here are ways to make sure your make-up stays in summer, even in the sweltering summer.

fashion and trends Updated: Apr 11, 2018 17:01 IST
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You can summer-proof your makeup by choosing your products wisely.(iStockphoto)

If you love make-up, there’s no way a little bit of heat is going to mess up that relationship! But like every love affair, there will be ups and downs. And muggy weather spells the latter. To take the sting outta’ summer, your beauty routine needs help, and here’s some essential expert advice:

The lesser the amount of make-up, the more your skin feels refreshed. But, if a full face of makeup is unavoidable, choose wisely. Pick a tinted sunscreen over layers of BB cream, a sheer lip balm over a thick gloss. Also, the heat usually gives a shiny effect to the face, so go for matte products and avoid shimmer n’ shine that will add to the oil quotient of the face.

Do you feel your skin struggles to breathe with all that make-up? “If the pores are open and your skin is exposed to pollution, air conditioning and the sun, the skin starts to get dehydrated. Because of this, the foundation seems like a layer on the skin. That’s why ‘skin locking’ is essential. Use a primer and a skin protection cream as the base. It locks as well as hydrates by laminating it,” says beauty expert Aashmeen Munjaal. “Wrap an ice cube in a cloth and wipe the face with it for a few seconds. This helps to close pores. If the skin is normal to oily, apply astringent before foundation,” suggests beauty expert Shahnaz Husain.

Your summer products need to be water-based with oil content to the minimum. “When humidity is high, heavy oil-based products like rich moisturising creams may not be needed, especially, if the skin is normal, normal to oily, or combination. Even for normal to dry skin type, light moisturising lotions may be applied,” Husain adds.

Dab, dab and then dab some more. Keep a booklet of blotting paper handy when heading out. Any kind of absorbent paper, in fact, will help get rid of excess oil, and also help even-out your make-up. “Use a tissue instead of puff or compact powder to dab on to the skin,” adds Munjaal.

Keep your lipstick from melting by blotting the lips, too, with oil-absorbent paper. Apply the colour and then dab the lips with a sheet. Now apply the colour again. Repeat the process a few times to lock in the lipstick. A lip primer also helps the colour to stay in place.

First Published: Apr 11, 2018 17:01 IST