Vallabhjee is the author of Breathe Believe Balance
Vallabhjee is the author of Breathe Believe Balance

A healthy mind is the secret is everything: Shaymal Vallabhjee

Shaymal Vallabhjee decodes the means to attain a better standard of life.
Hindustan Times, Mumbai | By Navneet Vyasan
UPDATED ON AUG 06, 2020 09:56 AM IST

A healthy mind is a by-product of lifestyle, food choices, and many other variables,” says Shaymal Vallabhjee, one of India’s celebrated sports scientist and psychologist. Vallabhjee, for over two decades, has helped train Indian athletes for numerous sporting events such as the Olympics, Asian Games and even the ATP World Tour.

His latest book, according to him, “is a guide to self-discovery that combines learnings from evidence based sports science, psychology and spirituality”. He explains, “Using lessons from my life in professional sport, living through the apartheid, my journey as a monk and life as an entrepreneur, I break down the process of self-discovery, emotional healing and self-transcendence.”


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Vallabhjee’s book was a result of 20 years of research and understanding of balance in astronomy, cosmology, nature, internal medicine. Ask him how does one cope up in times like these when one is locked away at home with almost no human interaction, and he says, “During this current situation, people are struggling with their emotional connections, overwhelming loneliness, fear of uncertain times, poor health and so much more. All of these can be managed successfully if one’s mind is strong and healthy. A healthy mind is the secret is everything.”


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He has also worked with numerous sports stars including Mahesh Bhupati and Sania Mirza and feels that “they are exceptionally hard working”. He adds, “They have a few things in common. They are exceptionally hard working, humble, have an incredible willingness and hunger to learn from everyone, accept accountability and responsibility for their actions and never enter a situation unprepared. This is their secret to success.

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