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Here’s why binge-watching your favourite TV show can be harmful to you!

Here’s what to keep in mind before you go for a marathon-viewing session of your favourite TV shows

fitness Updated: Jul 02, 2017 15:02 IST
Siddharth Chowdhury
Siddharth Chowdhury
Hindustan Times
Binge-Watching,TV Shows,Why Binge-watching can be harmful
Go easy while binge-watching your favourite TV shows as it can harm your health.(Istock)

Do you stay up all night watching TV shows? Do you make false promises to yourself about the next episode being the last one of the day? Do you postpone meeting friends to complete a series? Then, you are guilty of binge- watching — the phenomenon where one watches multiple episodes or seasons of a TV show in one go. But, do you know how this habit can adversely affect your health? With new seasons of popular TV series beginning this season, here are a few tips from experts so that you don’t harm your health, while you’re on a TV-watching spree.

Rest your eyes:

Ever since we were young, we were told by our elders to not to watch TV for long hours as it affects our eyesight. Dr Kenshuk Marwaha, ophthalmologist says, “Laptop screens emit radiations that harm our eyes. Staring at a screen, with less blinking, for a long period results in dryness and irritation.” The best solution to these problems is to give your eyes a break. “Voluntarily blink your eyes and wash them to avoid dryness and tiredness,” adds Dr Marwaha. Also maintain an adequate distance between your eyes and the laptop or TV screens. Also watch shows in a well lit room for eyes are more receptive to harmful radiations in a dark room.

Be productive:

While binge- watching, we tend to sit in the same posture for long hours, which can be harmful for the body. Dr RK Singhal, physician says, “Staying put in one posture results in slow blood circulation that may cause blood clotting. Inactivity also leads to weight gain and if binge watchers have the tendency to eat junk while watching, it will also affect their health.” To avoid such health issues, one needs to be active. Dr Singhal says that going outside and exercising also helps. “If one is unable to go outside, walking around the house or doing household chores, while watching, also helps. Take breaks at regular intervals and practice stretching,” he adds.

Don’t tire yourself mentally:

Watching shows without breaks can affect your mental health. “Excess of anything is bad; same goes with watching TV. It restricts mental growth,” says Dr Manish Jain, psychiatrist. Binge- watching is also linked with depression. Dr Manish says, “People resort to these shows to avoid socialising and to cut ties with others. When the show is over, they feel empty as there is nothing more to do.” Try resting your mind and focus on something productive to avoid such harm. “Don’t over indulge. Keep a balance between your daily chores and watching these shows. Try watching one episode a day,” says Dr Manish.

Stop wasting your sleep:

Most binge watchers are active at night and they sacrifice their sleep to complete their favourite shows. This affects their body clock and inadequate sleep leads to headaches. Dr Singhal says, “Not sleeping on time can cause problems ranging from diabetes to respiratory problems. Also catch up on your sleep. Make a schedule where you don’t sacrifice your sleep to binge- watch your favourite shows.”

First Published: Jul 02, 2017 14:59 IST