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Choking & Swelling

This is most common with children. A marble, a weed or a button may get stuck in the air passage.

health and fitness Updated: Sep 09, 2003 18:28 IST

This is most common with children. A marble, a weed or a button may get stuck in the air passage. In adults too, food may go down the wrong way and cause choking.

Management in the case of an adult.

When victim is standing, the First Aider should stand behind to victim and wrap his arms around the waist. Grasp the fist with your other hand and place the thumb of the fist against the abdomen (belly) slightly above the navel and below the rib cage.

Press your fist into the victim's abdomen with a quick upward thrust. Repeat several times if necessary till the foreign body is expelled out of the windpipe. When the victim is sitting, the First Aider stands behind the chair and performs the same manoeuvre.

If the victim is lying, turn him supine (face up). Facing the victim, kneel astride the victim's legs. With your hands one on top of another, place the heel of your bottom hand over the abdomen (belly) between the naval and the ribcage. Press into the victim's abdomen with a quick upward thrust repeat several times, if necessary.

Should the patient vomit, place him on his side and wipe to prevent asphyxia. Following the expulsion of food particle/foreign body it may be necessary to give artificial respiration.

Management in case of an infant

    Hold the child upside down by the legs and smack his/her back hard three or four times.

    If not successful, lay the child prone with his head hanging downwards over the knee and give sharp smacks between shoulders.

    It still not successful, induce vomiting by passing two fingers right to the back of the throat.

    Swelling within the throat

    Swelling within the throat may occur as a result of trying to drink very hot liquids or swallowing corrosive poisons or may be due to inflammation.


      Make the patient sit up.

      If breathing continues to be normal or is restored to normal give ice to suck, or cold water to sip.

      Butter, olive oil or medicinal paraffin may also be given.

      Apply cloth wrung out of hot water to the front of the neck.

      If breathing has stopped, give artificial respiration.