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Chronic worrier?

Are you constantly anxious and worried about things? Take this quiz and find out

health-and-fitness Updated: Jun 04, 2012, 14:25 IST
Dr Shweta Kansara
Dr Shweta Kansara
Hindustan Times

Are you constantly anxious and worried about things? Take this quiz and find out:

1) When I sit idle:
a. I relax and make the most of it.
b. I avoid being idle and keep myself busy or else strange thoughts creep into my head and get me worked up.
c. I’ll quickly make a plan or get myself to do something.

2) When I am left on my own in an unfamiliar surrounding:
a. I feel indifferent.
b. I feel very uncomfortable and tensed.
c. I feel restless and fidgety in that place, so I smartly try to find a way out.

3) When I think about my recent past:
a. I can think of various things whether they are good or bad.
b. I realise I spent all those days worrying about one thing or the other.
c. I can think of just a few significant things I have indulged in, which I did impulsively.

4) When some bad news or
difficult situation comes along:
a. I try to postpone it.
b I panic excessively.
c. I feel restless and I try to solve it as soon as I can

5) I need to do something
repeatedly to ease tension and the thoughts that worry me.
a. No
b. Yes
c. Maybe

6) When I am in a situation
that requires me to take quick decisions:
a. I delegate it to others.
b. I get tensed because if anything goes wrong, it would be on my shoulders.
c. I quickly take a decision, just to get rid of it.

Most a’s
You tend to take minimum stress. You rarely feel worried in situations that require you to react immediately. You mainly have conflicts with others since your response is delayed.

Most b’s
You are an anxious person, who can easily feel apprehensive and tensed. You may have a tendency to break into an outburst of fear or anger quite often.

Most c’s
You are impatient and restless. You end up taking thoughtless decisions in order to avoid situations.

Do’s and Dont’s
Change your thoughts. Think positive.
Relax. Listen to music, pick up a hobby or try talking to someone about your worries.
Avoid smoking, exercise regularly, drink plenty of water as anxiety usually causes dryness of mouth.
Reward yourself after handling a situation calmly.

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