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Coping with infections

If you suspect that you have a STD, have a medical examination done as soon as possible.

health and fitness Updated: Sep 20, 2003 21:32 IST

If you suspect that you have a sexually transmitted disease, have a medical examination done as soon as possible.

Consult a qualified doctor. Call on your family physician.

Follow the prescribed treatment fully.

Never go to quacks, who may appear in newspapers or billboard advertisements. Due to their ignorance the disease will progress to a stage where the damage will be irreversible.

Confide in someone you trust.

Warn your sex partners to seek medical aid.

Avoid sexual contact.

Avoid re-infection. Avoid promiscuous sexual activity.

Some Tips on How to Avoid Getting Infected

The following procedures will help to reduce the risk of infection. It can in no way guarantee prevention of STD

Wash genitals daily.

Change underwear daily. Use only cotton underwear.

Avoid contact with chemicals that irritate the genitals.

Wipe the bottom (anus) from front to back (especially women)

Keep sexual contact to one partner, who is free from infections

Look for discharge or sores on a new partner's genitals.

Use a condom during intercourse.

Wash genitals before and after intercourse.

Urinate immediately after intercourse.


First Published: Sep 20, 2003 21:32 IST