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Get multiple benefits with one exercise

Determined like never before, Delhi is steadily reaching its fitness target with our health campaign, Get Healthy, Delhi

health and fitness Updated: Sep 06, 2013 18:10 IST
Hindustan Times

Workout of the day

Compound Lounge
Lounges are one of the most common exercises for strengthening and shaping the lower body. Since we want you to work out the entire body at the same time, today we'll show you the so called 'compound' lounge, which engages the entire body, the core in particular. So, in just one exercise, you will get multiple benefits.

1: Inhale, take a big step forward and get into the lounge position. Make sure to evenly distribute the weight between the front and back leg. Core muscles are engaged and spine is upright. Hold a pair of weighted balls, dumbbells or anything that has a bit of weight (plastic bottles filled with sand will do just as well). Inhale, bend your elbows and lower your body down a bit by bending both of your knees.
2: As you exhale, dip down further, and at the same, time stretch your arms far over your head as much as your flexibility allows you. Make sure to keep your spine upright throughout the movement. The core muscles are tight throughout. Inhale and go back into the starting position. Repeat this 7-15 times for each leg.
By Vesna Jacob, fitness expert and healer

Yogasana of the day

This asana also known as the Ek-pada-raja-kapota-asana pose is one of the most graceful asanas, which slowly prepares you for more interesting poses. Working wonderfully for the hamstrings, it improves balance and flexibility, strengthening the hip area.

Sit in the vajra-asana posture as we showed yesterday. Now move your hips away from your feet to sit on the ground by the side of your legs.
Stretch the right leg straight at the back while making the front of your right foot touch the ground. Bring your left foot inside to make it as close to the pelvic area as possible.
The left knee should touch the ground, hands in front, straight with both palms on ground, and back and neck erect. Stay in this position for about 30 seconds and then relax. Now repeat on the other side.
By Juhi Garg, yoga expert

Diet for today

Breakfast: 1 potato stuffed roti with garlic chutney and tea without sugar
Mid Morning: 1/2 katori pomegranate (anar) and 5 to 6 almonds
Lunch: Dalia made with vegetables like ghiya, beans and tomato with a medium bowl tomato or onion raita.
Evening: 1 glass (200ml) chaach with a bowl of roasted murmura chat
Dinner: A simple chat made with 2-3 medium-sized potatoes and 1 bowl onion, capsicum and lettuce salad
Post Dinner: 1 cup green tea

Recipe of Garlic Chutney
Soak 100gm garlic, peeled, with 10gm dried whole red chillies in a bowl of vinegar with a pinch of salt. After about an hour, grind all the ingredients together to a smooth paste. In a few drops of mustard oil, add 1/4 tsp kalonji (nigella) seeds and saute the garlic mixture in it. You can eat this chutney with roti or rice.

Breakfast: 2 oatmeal bread toast with low fat butter and a cup of tea or coffee without sugar
Mid Morning: A cup of green tea and 1 pc apricot
Lunch: 1 bowl steamed brown or jasmine rice with a bowl of mixed vegetables like cabbage, capsicum, tomatoes and mushrooms
Evening: A cup of black tea along with 4-5 almonds
Dinner: 2 besan veg pancakes with a bowl of bell pepper, tomato and cabbage salad with with hung curd dressing
Post Dinner: 1 cup green tea

Recipe of Mixed Vegetables
Heat 1 tbsp oil in a pan, add 1/2 tsp garlic paste with a pinch of black pepper powder. Add a diced onion, with a chopped tomato and 1/2 bowl mix of chopped cabbage, green capsicum and diced button mushrooms. Add a pinch of salt and fry on high flame for about 5-7 minutes, stirring occasionally. It's delicious and easy to make.

Keep in Mind
Begin the day with a glass of hot water with a few drops of lemon juice
Avoid sugar or sugary fruits, including grapes, mango, banana, cheeku etc n Say no to pickles, papad and oily condiments n No curd at night
Meal timings: Breakfast: 9-10am; Mid morning: 11.30am-12pm; Lunch: 1.30-2pm; Evening: 4.30-5pm; Dinner: 7.30-8pm; After dinner: 9.30pm

By Shikha Sharma, diet and wellness expert


Coffe is bad for health: False

Fact: Coffee in itself is not unhealthy at all. So, coffee drinkers, you don't have to be psyched about all those scary bad effects of coffee doing the rounds. Quite naturally, like most things, too much of anything is bad, and so is it for coffee. If you are addicted to it, you might just end up with high blood pressure problems. Otherwise, if consumed in moderation - say two cups a day - it's completely fine. It has been observed that coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and dementia due to it's high content of chromium and magnesium. It is perhaps the strong antioxidant power of its nutrients that prevent tissue damage caused by free radicals.
Neelanjana Singh, nutritionist

First Published: Sep 05, 2013 16:20 IST