Highs and lows

Alternate healer Lizia Batla discusses one of her special cases with Prema K.
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Updated on Feb 20, 2009 05:31 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | ByPrema K, Mumbai

Sakshi (name changed) approached me first, eight years ago. She was 28, smart and intelligent but extremely overweight. She was going through ups and downs in her marital life.

Her husband wasn’t doing well and she took care of him. She seemed very tired and told me that she wanted someone to shoulder her responsibilities. I did a tarot reading for her.

The cards suggested that she needed to consult a gynaecologist. But she assured me that except for her thyroid problem, which had been triggered off again; there wasn’t anything wrong with her.

Past life
She came to me again, two years later. She told me that a week after our last meeting, she had consulted a gynaecologist. A tumour, benign though, weighing about five kilos, was detected and removed.

She seemed to be at an emotional low and was very stressed. She wasn’t doing very well professionally but her husband was. And he was ill-treating her.

I did another tarot reading for her. The cards said that her stress level was coming from somewhere else, not her domestic problems.

I made her go through past life regression and discovered that she had been sexually abused as a child. It first happened at age 10 and continued for about five years.

The rapist was an old and trusted family servant. When I took her to that phase of her life, I discovered that initially there had been pain and anguish.. but it soon turned to pleasure. I was observing her expression intently.

Sexual abuse
That was responsible for the feeling of guilt, which was causing stress. Fear prevented her from talking about it. But gradually she started enjoying it.

One of the advantages of past life regression is that it helps a person to deal with his or her problem. It may seem like an ordeal to open old wounds but the idea of taking my clients there, is to help them to deal with their problem and then move on. This helps to rid them of their problem. Sakshi looked relieved after the session.

Six years later
Six years later, she came back looking trim and fit. Her face glowed. She was working but couldn’t stick to a job for long. One of the reasons was her boss and seniors would hit on her. She would get into relationships with them but they didn’t last.

I did another tarot reading for her.

Her cards revealed that she was a lost girl looking for an anchor so sent out wrong vibes to men around her. She had the tendency of mixing her personal and professional lives. Her colleagues found her very aggressive.

I advised her to deal with her problems one by one. Before leaving, she hugged me and said that I had made a huge difference to her life. That feels good.

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