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Six common skin sins you should avoid

If not controlled and if committed over a prolonged time, these six skin sins can cause significant damage which is irreparable.

health and fitness Updated: Apr 26, 2015 15:28 IST
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A lot has been said and written on what is to be done to have bright, glamorous skin. However, it is equally important to know factors which destroy your skin and cause it to look dull, leading to an uneven skin tone and makes one look tired and older than the actual age.

Dermatologist Sirisha Singh addresses the six most common skin sins that many commit and that have the potential to destroy the skin. "The point is that these sins, if not controlled and if committed over a prolonged time, can cause significant damage which is irreparable," says Singh.

*Stress:Stress causes damage to almost all organs of the body, the skin being no exception. During stress, our body releases a hormone called cortisol which reduces the blood supply to the skin and over a period of time, the skin may appear dull and develop acne. Yoga, breathing exercises, walking or gymming could help beat stress.

*Unhealthy eating: During summers, the heat and UV light cause significant oxidative damage to the skin and also other organs. Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants which combat this damage. If we have inadequate anti-oxidants in the diet, then there is extensive damage to the cells accelerates ageing.

*Wearing makeup to bed: During the night the skin rejuvenates itself. The temperature of the skin goes up and the pores open up. Wearing makeup to bed clogs the pores and can cause break-outs of pimples. Cleansing the skin every night is vital to get good skin.

*Skipping sleep: The term beauty sleep is derived from scientific research. During sleep, our body releases growth hormones that help the skin to heal itself and can add to a healthy glow. People who do not get the required amount of sleep or people who have a poor quality of sleep often do not produce enough of this hormone and can therefore have dull skin which also ages faster.

*Smoking: Nicotine has the potential to not only destroy skin but also kill it. It affects the ability of the skin to renew and regenerate. Over a period of time this hastens ageing of the skin. Many heavy smokers also suffer from "fag lines" that radiate out from the outer edge of the lips.

*Unprotected exposure to the sun: This comes a close second to nicotine in terms of skin sins. Cumulative UV exposure over years adds up to significant skin damage and adds years to the skin. The UV light causes pigmentation of the skin, damages the collagen (the elastic tissue) of the skin and in extreme cases also has the potential to cause skin cancer.

First Published: Apr 26, 2015 15:18 IST