Suffering from urban blues?
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Suffering from urban blues?

As we become increasingly urbanised, the health problems we experience change. Shikha Sharma lists out some of some common urban health problems...

health and fitness Updated: May 30, 2009 22:02 IST

As we become increasingly urbanised, the health problems we experience change. Common urban health problems are:

Sleep disorders: Caused by anxiety, an inability to finish work, late nights and over-consumption of colas, tea, coffee and energy drinks.

Joint pains at an early age: The result of incorrect posture, depletion of calcium from our bones due to a bad diet, stress, and lack of physical exercise.

Hypertension: Caused by anxiety, lack of physical exercise and a bad diet.

Digestion problems: When we eat foods in incorrect combinations, they putrefy in our bodies.

Allergies: Stress and environmental pollution are a sure-shot combination for all types of allergies.

Hair fall: A nutrition-deficient diet, sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety are the major culprits.

Depression: Over-expectations, a fast paced life, unhealthy food habits, excess alcohol or cigarettes, certain medications, anxiety and sleep deprivation cause depression. We don’t have the time to eat, sleep, read, or do anything with our full attention. This takes the joy out of most activities.

Inability to concentrate: Teachers report that students can’t focus on any thought for a length of time. This results in an information overload combined with little understanding of concepts.

Hormonal imbalances: A deficient diet, digestion problems and consumption of food rich in toxins leads to an overdose in the body of elements that mimic hormones. This disrupts natural hormones.

Diabetes: The result of a combination of an unhealthy diet, lack of physical activity and stress.

Cardiac problems: Besides the triad of unhealthy foods, sedentary lifestyle and stress, cardiac problems also stem from unhealthy emotions like despair and fear.

First Published: May 30, 2009 21:58 IST