Take care of your eyes in winter

With winters here, your skin will dry up and so will your eyes. So, here are some tips to look after those lookers during winter. Read on.

health and fitness Updated: Nov 10, 2010 01:34 IST
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Take care of your eyes in winter:

1. Heat it up: Our eyes tend to get dry during winters due to constant use of room heaters. Heaters absorb moisture, so to keep the house warm during winters, use a humidifier as well.

2. Sun safe: Use good sunglasses to avoid damage from UV rays. Contrary to what you believe, the winter sun is just as harsh as the summer sun. If you are looking at the sand surface, then you use your sunglass, since the reflection can cause some intense damage to the eyes.

eyes3. Hats and hoods: Protect your eyes’ tear film from getting damaged due to cold winds, by using hats or jackets with hoods. Cold wind mostly hit the tear film, causing watery eyes and it can cause some serious damage to the eyes. So protect your eyes by covering yourself with good hats.

4. Tender care: Use a good cream on the area around the eyes to protect prevent it from getting dry and rough. So apply a good quality eye cream daily to avoid the dark circles and dryness.

5.Splash it: Daily splash water on your eyes as it cleans the settled grime or dirt. Try using cold water even in winters, as hot water can leave your eyes dry.

HTC With inputs from Dr Rakesh Gupta, Shreya Eye Centre.

First Published: Nov 09, 2010 16:36 IST