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The worst is over

Su Jok therapist Amarjit Narula on how an article in a daily changed the course of his life.

health and fitness Updated: May 09, 2009 15:46 IST
Hindustan Times

Like any youngster straight out of an engineering college, I wanted to go to the Gulf to make lots of money.
This was 1985. But the I fell ill and was forced to take leave.

I was diagonosed with ulcerative colitis and put on steriods and other medications. I also had to undergo blood transfusion. Finally, there was a slight improvement in my condition but I was upset to know that I would have to continue with the medication throughout my life.

Our energy
I started reading books to learn more about my ailment. The thought of taking constant medication and having bland food was depressing.

Gradually, I cut down on my medicines but within a few months, my problem resurfaced. Till 1999, I was hospitalised several times.

One day, I came across a newpaper article on pranic healing, based on the principle that every living being possesses the inborn ability to heal itself. The healing is enhanced by using the energy of life.

I was very impressed. It claimed to cure different problems. I attended a few pranic healing sessions. After just six sessions, I resumed work.

I started treating myself. Gradually, I developed an interest in alternate medicine and started reading on different subjects.

I came across a book on Su Jok therapy and tried it. It worked. I started attending seminars all over the country and learnt about various healing techniques.

I started helping morning walkers on Juhu Beach and even travelled to different cities as well as in different countries to heal people for a nominal sum. It felt good to cure them.

Happy ending
A channel devoted to promotion health asked me to conduct a show on Su Jok therapy. Through it, I have met many people who are on medication for life.

Some of them don’t respond to even high doses of steriods. But they were reluctant to try alternate forms of healing. It took time to convince them that medication can harm them in the long run and give alternate healing a shot.

I have been off medication for almost nine years now. Being a foodie, now I can relish different cuisines but I don’t
overdo it. I’ve gained 15 kilos and am a successful alternate healer.

(As told to Prema K)

First Published: May 08, 2009 12:52 IST