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Weighty issues

Do away with all your weight queries.

health and fitness Updated: May 14, 2011 02:57 IST
Leena Mogre

Do away with all your weight queries.

Hi, I am 15 and I weigh just 35 kgs. I look quite thin as per my age, so I’ve joined a gym to gain weight. Will it help? Also will lifting weights hamper my height growth?
Raj Nigudkar
Firstly, it’s a myth that if you join a gym or do heavy weights, your height will not grow. Secondly, you’ve mentioned your age and weight, but forgot an important factor that is height. Only height determines whether you are thin or fat and what should be your ideal weight. How tall or short you will be, is controlled by your genetics. Continue with your given exercises properly, maintain a good healthy diet and leave the rest to your genetics. Remember, you still have three to four years to grow, so do not worry too much now.

I’m 26 years old. My height is 5’8’’ and I weigh 68 kgs. I workout five days a week, of which two days I do cardio. I wish to build my muscle mass. I used to consume Serious Mass and Pro Complex Gainer supplements earlier, as a result of which I’ve gained weight and belly fat. I was suggested to change my supplement since it has lot of calories, so I’ve switched to Gold Standard Whey. However, I’m unable to get rid of the fat. Please suggest a way to increase my muscle mass and not my belly size.
Shanu Khan
It’s not right on anyone’s part to say that one product is good or bad. Without a proper fitness assessment, we can’t advise what works for you. It seems that you’ve been consuming gainers and if proper exercise isn’t followed, you end up gaining weight. You need to start a an exercise regimen that involves high intensity cardio with full body routines at least four times a week. You should first concentrate on losing unwanted fat and then look at gaining muscles. Join a gym and talk to the dietician and trainer separately and follow a program that will suit your body type.

By Leena Mogre, fitness expert and nutritionist