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What is Relapse?

Relapse patterns are formed by your attitude and thought process. You begin to 'slip? at thought level.

health and fitness Updated: Jun 06, 2003 21:19 IST

Relapse is not an event, but a process. An ‘event’ is something that has already happened and therefore cannot be changed. On the other hand, ‘process’ refers to any ongoing situation that takes place stage by stage, and therefore can be interrupted and stopped at any stage. You can interrupt and stop a relapse, only if you are aware of the negative thinking patterns, which indicate the onset of a ‘slip’.

Relapse occurs within your mind

‘Relapse patterns’ are formed by your attitude and thought process. You begin to ‘slip’ at the thought level. The following are some examples of “relapse indicators”. They are similar to “dry drunk’ problems.


    Changes in attitude

    Not caring about sobriety

    Becoming too negative about life

    Changes in thought

    Thinking that you ‘deserve’ a drink because you have been sober for quite some time.

    Thinking that you can use substitute drugs

    Thinking that your problem is ‘cured’ since you have been abstaining for sometime.

    Changes in feeling

    Increases moodiness or depression

    Strong feelings of anger and resentment

    Increased feelings of boredom and loneliness

    Changes in behaviour

    Increased episodes of arguing with others

    ‘Forgetting’ to take Disulfiram

    Skipping Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings

    Stopping in a bar just to socialise and drink soda or other soft drinks

    Increased stress symptoms such as smoking more cigarettes

    Threatening to drink to have our way

    Talking repeatedly about the pleasures associated with drinking.


First Published: Jun 06, 2003 21:19 IST