Work out and sleep easy
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Work out and sleep easy

Aerobic exercise during the day keeps you from tossing and turning at night.

health and fitness Updated: Oct 02, 2010 21:18 IST
Hindustan Times

Aerobic exercise during the day keeps you from tossing and turning at night.

A recent study at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois found that average sleep quality of adults who had difficulty falling or staying asleep improved after 16 weeks of following an aerobics training programme that included exercising on a treadmill or stationery bicycle.

“Most of poor sleepers became good sleepers,” said Dr Phyllis Zee, the lead researcher in the study, which was funded by the US National Institute on Aging. People who slept for six hours reported better moods, fewer depressive symptoms and enhanced vitality. “Exercise is better than drugs not just for treating insomnia but also for diabetes, mental health and cancer prevention,” said Zee.

Aspirin for migraine A jab of high-dose (one gram) of the painkiller paracetamol — more than ten times the amount taken to soothe a normal headache or joint pain – can help treat severe migraines. It could also lead to substantial savings, as aspirin costs around a third of the price of more expensive migraine pills called triptans.

Mentoring pushy parents

Pushy parents risk damaging their children’s health if they link love to sporting success. Rod Jaques, the national medical director of the English Institute of Sport, said children are likely to develop eating disorders and invent injuries if parent’s love is ‘conditional’ on the child achieving sporting success.

Parents should ensure they are mentors, not tormentors. “It is often anecdotally said that behind every injured child is a parent athlete wanting to get out. It’s true,” he said.

Stop the heartbreak

A heartbreak can really break your heart. A new study claims that romantic rejection may actually makes the heart stop momentarily.

Researchers have found that the human brain uses some of the same regions to process physical and emotional pain -- so getting dumped is not just mentally upsetting, it can also upset one’s body.

First Published: Oct 02, 2010 21:15 IST