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Work & worship

Seeking God? Then you don't need to go to church, temple or synagogue. Make your work your God.

health and fitness Updated: Feb 11, 2004 22:13 IST

Once Bodhidharma, an outrageous and outspoken Buddhist monk from India, went to China, where he was greeted by the emperor with fanfare. His name and fame had reached China and people were awaiting the arrival of the disciple of the Buddha. The emperor made a big show of welcoming Bodhidharma to make an impression on his people that he was also a very religious person. After welcoming him, the emperor asked the monk: "Bhante, please answer some of my questions. I have got hundreds of dharmashalas and temples built for the Buddhist monks so that they can relax and meditate comfortably. What shall be my reward in heaven?"

Bodhidharma said, "You will go to hell directly. This will be the reward of all that you have done."

The emperor was disturbed. But he had no idea how the real sages behaved. He had seen only those monks who run after the rich and powerful. This is a mutual exploitation. The ordinary monks and sadhus also want recognition from the rich and powerful to show to their followers how great they are and the rich people want to maintain their social status and keep such monks happy.

Bodhidharma shocked the emperor but it was the most enlightening statement that showed the emperor the true path of meditation.

Most of the creative people are always seeking Padmashri and other awards and only a few of them get such awards. The others feel frustrated. But what the people don't realise is that to be creative is a reward unto itself.

Osho says: "There is no God for me except this existence, which is so utterly beautiful that work with love is bound to become your worship. In worship the worker is lost completely, only the worship remains. Digging a ditch in your garden, making food for those you love, or anything else, if you are lost in it so utterly that there is no ego or even its shadow left — you have become your work. I want worship to become your 24-hour-a-day thing. It has to become existential. Then you don't need to go to any church, to any synagogue."

First Published: Feb 11, 2004 22:13 IST