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Your winter best

Winter is almost upon us, which means many of us are concerned about catching a cold or getting the flu. Here are some precautions you should take.

health and fitness Updated: Dec 05, 2009 20:20 IST
Shikha Sharma

Winter is almost upon us, which means many of us are concerned about catching a cold or getting the flu. As we should be, because temperatures are fluctuating wildly these days – it’s chilly at night and in the early mornings, and warm during the day.

According to ayurveda, the period when the seasons change is called Yamdanshtra or Ritu sandhi, a very critical period from the health point of view. Since the body is slow to adjust to the prevalent atmosphere, immunity levels tend to fall, making us prone to a number of diseases. So a number of precautions are necessary.

Eat plenty of seasonal foods. Have green leafy vegetables along with rich supplements like millet, maize, gram, moong, black gram and masoor.

Cook ginger or garlic along with vegetables.

Eat walnuts, which are a good source of selenium. They are thought to be good for mental health and prevent the depression that is usually common during winter.

Drink amla, carrot and tomato juices.

Prepare cinnamon/fennel/cumin/ginger tea and drink it warm throughout the day. These herbs cleanse the channels, kidney and liver and increase alertness.

Also drink some amount of tulsi tea as tulsi helps prevent viral and respiratory infections. It energises your body cells and helps to increase your stamina. Tulsi can be taken with honey to overcome coughing. It also helps to metabolise the nutrients in your body.

Boost the immune system with amla, which is rich in Vitamin C.

Enhance the immune system with ashwagandha which not only strengthens the nervous system but increases stamina as well.

Apply sesame oil on your neck, shoulders, arms and chest before going to bed.

Take triphala before you go to bed. This famous ayurvedic remedy very gently detoxifies the body and rejuvenates the digestive system.

To boost immunity, add half a teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of milk and drink it before going to bed.

Add more physical exercises to your regimen. Engage yourself in bhastrika and suryabhedi pranayam. Also, suryanamaskar helps stimulate blood circulation, thereby bringing heat to the body.

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