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License to thrill: 8 of the finest James Bond action scenes

As the new James Bond movie Spectre approaches, we look back at some of the most memorable Bond action scenes over the years. From Daniel Craig to Roger Moore, from Casino Royale to Octopussy, here they are.

hollywood Updated: Nov 06, 2015 08:51 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
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Let the skyfall when it crumbles.

What is Bond without the action? These are the kinds of philosophical quandaries that get us thinking. A Bond movie without the action is like Sean Connery without his wonky pronunciation of the letter S, like Roger Moore without his misogyny, Daniel Craig without his inner turmoil.

So, in preparation for the impending Spectre, we’ve come up with some of the most memorable Bond action scenes. Even if you’ve forgotten the movies these scenes appeared in, it’s unlikely you’ve forgotten these scenes.

Casino Royale (2006): That crazy parkour scene from Casino Royale

What a brutal introduction to the Daniel Craig Bond this was. Every impact came with pain. Bond isn’t a machine or a superhero here. He’s a man who sweats, bleeds and pants when he’s tired. That and all the bravado that Craig instils in his Bond make this one for the history books.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969): Lazenby’s finest hour in the snow

Skiing and Bond go hand in hand. And this scene in George Lazenby’s single outing as commander James Bond is one that you’d be surprised to learn inspired many generations of filmmakers. Even Chris Nolan clearly ripped it off in Inception and by the looks of it, Spectre seems to have its own version of this.

From Russia With Love (1963): Connery gets into a scuffle on a train

Sean Connery’s wasn’t the most physical Bond. Clearly. But his fight with Red Grant in a cramped train compartment is one of his better ones. Look closely, it’s actually pretty impressive for its time. Which isn’t something we can say about the early Bond movies (they haven’t really aged too well).

The Living Daylights (1987): Snow scene number 2. This time with Dalton.

This scene from The Living Daylights is clearly inspired by the Lazenby one from above. This time instead of an angry Australian dude on skiis it’s the most underrated Bond in an Aston Martin and all the cool gadgets that come with it.

The Man With The Golden Gun (1974):That 360 car flip AKA the only good thing about Roger Moore’s Bond

This one is the definition of money shot. It was shot in one take, all in camera and completely unnecessary. All in a Mustang. It’s absolutely bonkers. From the too-convenient ramp to Moore’s bemused expression. Ah, Bond.

Quantum of Solace (2008): Daniel Craig pouts at villains in his fancy car

Say what you want about Quantum of Solace, but you can’t deny the fact that this is a brilliant chase scene. Once again, the visceral impact of every shot is breathtaking. And there’s no beating Bond’s grey expression as he’s shot at, rammed into and left in a rather uncomfortable situation.

Any random Pierce Brosnan scene

They were all a product of a troubled mind. But this one sums it all up nicely. The amount of ‘90s excess on display here is staggering. It’s as if the filmmakers were part of some ridiculous game of chicken with each other, no one backing down even at the most outlandish ideas. And then, suddenly, it came true. And we were left with this.

Bonus Scene!

And who can forget every Rajasthan’s favourite Bond movie Octopussy. Here’s to all you fans. Enjoy.

First Published: Nov 06, 2015 08:50 IST