Spidey gets real

Director Marc Webb talks about his realistic take on Spider-Man.

hollywood Updated: Apr 05, 2012 02:05 IST
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It probably comes as an irony that the maker of the latest Spider-Man movie is Marc Webb (below), whose surname itself reminds one of the Marvel Comics’ superhero. Webb accepted the challenge to helm the reboot of the friendly neighbourhood webslinger with The Amazing Spider-Man: The Story Untold with a grounded aesthetic that sees the superhero’s legendary story take place in a very recognisable universe — ours.

“I wanted to start from a place where it felt like it was the same universe you lived in. He’s a kid who has the same problems we all do, and that makes him relatable,” says Webb adding, “It’s about seducing people into a world that feels realistic. We’re pushing the zone of what a human being can do, physically, practically.”

Is that the reason the audiences get to see the teasers from Spidey’s point of view? “I want people to feel what he feels, and see what he sees,” says Webb, adding, “We start off with a different kind of Peter Parker... What we took for the beginning of the story is Peter being left by his parents, and what that does to him.”

‘With great power comes great responsibility’
This phrase is ingrained in all the incarnations of Spider-Man, be it the comics, cartoons or the earlier films. The thought is expressed several times in The Amazing Spider-Man as well. The dialogue is used to convey that though Spider-Man has been granted some super powers, he should use them responsibly.

On Andrew Garfield
He was just the right guy. He made it in the screen test itself. After we did the screen test, when that night I was cutting it together, and I couldn’t stop watching it over and over again! He moved like a kid, his elbows were flying all over the place... he had the humour, the awkwardness, everything.

On The Lizard
Curt Connors (aka Lizard) was his (Peter’s) mentor and then became his adversary, and he cares about this guy, who he has to fight. He has no arm, Peter has no parents.

The Lizard thinks that whatever he’s doing (his villanious acts) is right. He’s not the bad guy

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First Published: Apr 04, 2012 19:01 IST